Thursday , September 29 2022

closes after 150 years of history


(Teleborsa) – "An absurd and unacceptable decision It is necessary to understand the causes that have led to the property to always represent only losses despite the confectionery sector." These are the words of Mayor of New Ligure (Alessandria), Rocchi Muliere, after the announced closure of Pernigotti, a historic chocolate company. "Let's talk about property that has never invested one euro in a plant", he specified

The unions were announced on Tuesday at the end of a meeting with representatives of a confectionary company that surrendered to the Turkish group Tuxos. "The executive director was accompanied by a lawyer and informed us that they were not interested in the factory – announced Tiziano Crocco (Uila). Several employees in the commercial sector who will remain relocated will be in Milan. That means 100 workers at home and as many families as possible in difficulty. "

REPRESENT HEARTS IN ITALY – "A new blow to the famous brands and products of our Made in Italy and a serious blow to employment. In Piemonte after the crisis The Hague and Splendid, Pernigotti, the famous chocolate company, which has been in Turkey for several years, has issued a closure with the subsequent release of all 200 employees. " So Ivana Galli, Secretary General Flai Cgil.

"Like Flai Cgil, we work together with the Perignotti workers and we take them all initiatives aimed at suppressing this evil choice. Once again we are witnesses of foreign ownership that they first buy, then shoot and close, keeping ownership of the brand, as in this case the prestigious brand, and go abroad to produce. Once again, workers and the quality of our products are sacrificed on the altar market. " © REZERVIRANA REPRODUKCIJA

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