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Davide Rossi, son of Vasco, convicted in Rome of rescue failure and injuries –


He was sentenced to year and ten months with allegations of serious injuries on the road and unlawful death Davide Rossi, son of Vasco. For him and revoking the license. The second accused, Simone Spadano, was also sentenced to nine months.

Rossi, 35 years, he is accused of injuries and failure to help on the road for the accident that caused it on September 16, 2016 in the Baldwin area. After the fight, the singer’s son left the place without help. “I am indignant, justice is dead – the reaction of Davide Rossi. There was also a signed CID to testify about everything, they took money from insurance, that’s really absurd, I can’t explain that. “He added: ‘Unfortunately, I think this also happened because my father is a prominent figure. We will complain and hope that justice will win in the end.'” the facts will show, we will appeal. “

David Rossi and the car accident: the latest news about the legal battle

Two girls were injured in the inevitable collision because he did not stop at the stop sign. A chain of mistakes, including a clumsy escape. The crimes Rossi Jr., a 35-year-old actor, is charged with: injuries and rescue failures. But on the dock was another protagonist that night, a friend of the singer’s son, Simone Spadano (36), who risked two years because she would try to cover David’s responsibilities, claiming that he was behind the wheel. . To stay involved in the influence, Francesca Morelli and Rosella Nicoletti. The first, now 27, reported neck trauma healed in 30 days; the other broke a rib.

The 35-year-old always claimed that he was not behind the wheel of the Audi. “The truth does not need an apology,” Vasco Rossi once said, talking about the trial of his son. According to the Prosecution’s reconstruction, Rossi Jr. continued at high speed via Elia Donat. The road crosses over Duccio Garimberti, where, in order to enter, you must first stop at the stop sign and give way to it. However, Rossi junior does not stop and completely takes over Panda managed by Francesca Morelli. After the conflict, Spadano enters the scene as the main character. Rossi’s friend takes all the blame, so to substantiate this version he signs the cid. Meanwhile, Rossi is already gone. The two girls immediately protest the attempt to change reality, so much so that they condemn Rossi and Spadan.

The opposite is the version presented by the accused, who received the support of Virginia Marsan (35), the daughter of Carl Vanzina’s wife, Lisa Melidoni, during the trial. In fact, the woman not only stated that she was in the car with Davide and his friend that evening, but above all she stated that Spadano was driving. Instead, these are Rossi’s words in the classroom: “We stopped, got out of the car and asked the girls in the other car if everything was okay. They said yes, then I went with Virginia. ” Spadano also confirmed that he was behind the wheel, although his license expired: “I didn’t notice that.”

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