Saturday , June 3 2023

EICMA 2018 – Aprilia RS 660, light power


Two cylinders

Amazing comparison with what could be imagined, Aprilia introduced a new concept at the Milan car salon. It's called the RS 660 and a lightweight sports car equipped with a double cylinder V4 engine that looks promising a lot of fun even from … and further!
It is obvious that the first eye-catching detail is the engine, a unit built from the V4 1100 new RSV4 factory, parallel to 660 cm3, the configuration chosen for its compactness and efficiency, for reduced heat transfer to the driver and for freedom that allows designers to create a thin and light chassis.
The bike is distinguished aesthetics related to the big sister RSV4 but which also offers compactness of enviable dimensions. According to him, most of the studies are conducted at aerodynamic level, trying to optimize each aspect of the coastline in the tunnel, guaranteeing a high penetration coefficient, regardless of whether they issue harmony and size.
Everything was then revised to blend with the comfort and the concept, in that sense, although hipersport offers a comfortable driving position, especially thanks to the large seat on the unspecified tail, the platforms are not too raised and a couple of raised half-controls placed above the upper control panel.
The frame and the dark RS 660 are made of aluminum, while the motor behaves as a voltage element that contributes to the rigidity of the whole. The right hand of the swingarm has the shape of a "banana" that allows the passage of the exhaust outlet. Watching him live, the bike is really nice and what even more fans of the brand will do is that this concept will be the basis for the widest spectrum of motorcycles, designed to compete not only on the European market, but also on the American market and Asia.
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