Thursday , June 1 2023

"Finish the job or do not have the resources"


If it is tav this will not be over, Italy and France will lose European funding for the job. This was announced by the European Commission through one of its spokeswomen, the person responsible for the Traffic Dos Enrico Brivio. "It is an important project not only for France and Italy, but for the whole of Europe"said Brivio, who called on the two countries to"Make an effort to finish the job on schedule".

So, Brussels intervenes at high speed. And at the invitation of the EU intervention Paolo Foietta, the incumbent commissar of the government for the construction of the axle of the railway Turin-Lyon. "If tenders do not start in December, they will lose every month 75 million European funding with a loss of revenue that someone will have to bear".

The European Union supports the project, which is part of the strategic line from Lisbon to Kiev, with an investment worth half the total cost. On a project of 8.6 billion euros, in short, the Commission is willing to pay more than 4. But if the job is not completed, that money will disappear. That is why, yesterday, the French Minister of Transport Elizabeth Borne said that the important thing is "Do not waste money from the EU"On Tuesday, the Italian minister, Danilo Toninelli, met with his French counterpart and said at the end of the summit he was willing to study together with French experts the results of the cost-benefit analysis of the project, and then proposed it to "international scientists".

In the morning he said his Massimo Garavaglia, Undersecretary of the League for Economics, on the microphone Radio24: "In the Turin and Milan-Trieste lines 70% of GDP has been made, so it is assumed that in the analysis of the costs and benefits you must put it. And the goods must circulate at the right speed in the best possible way"Carroccio, in short, confirms in favor of Tava." But the knots in the 5 Star movement, after the mayor of Torino, Chiara Appendino, met for an hour and a half from the vice-president and head of the party, Luigi Di Maio, and not they are still free.

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