Tuesday , May 30 2023

Harri Potter: Vizards Unite is a new game in Niantic's AR


Varner Bros. Games and Niantic, which have appeared in Pokemon Go over the past few years, have shown the trailer for the first time Harri Potter: Vizards Unite, the increased reality of mobile video game. 2019, the magic of the world of Rovling comes into the hands of all the world's fans.

The game is announced by Niantic, who is also a co-developer with the Varner Bros. Division. Games in San Francisco. Harry Potter: The Wizards Unite is part of the Universe of Portkei Games: it's for those who do not know it, a video game tag that deals with the creation of video games and smartphone experiences inspired by the magic world.

In Harry Potter: Vizards Unite, the players will have the opportunity to get acquainted with magical animals, their favorite characters and solve the global mystery as they move into the real world. The trailer shown above allows us to see the witch appears in the alley, while he is probably earning a criminal. The girl blocks the golden sphere by spell and spell is a poster that shows, in translation:

The magical world will probably be exposed. We need your help!

Is it possible that our task is to interpret magicians who conceal the magical presence of people? Moreover, this situation reminds a bit saga de Fantastic Animals, which will come out on another movie that we reviewed in advance for you. The trailer has a modern setting, but there may be some connection? To know that we will have to wait 2019.

For now, the only way to experience Rouling's magical world on the console is through the Harri Potter Lego game: do you have it?

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