Wednesday , March 22 2023

Has the game been released during the BlizzCon 2018?


BlizzCon 2018 he remained unhappy with a large part of the community associated with the series diablo. in spite of mećava expected that during the Diablo IV conference will not be published, many fans still have hope.

These expectations, however, remained unfulfilled, as the Software House presented exclusively Diablo Immortal, the new address for mobile devices. However, some interesting rumors spread around the fourth chapter of the saga diablo. Kotaku he really discovered that he had some interesting information about which he had done "two sources"As others have reported in the magazine, actually Diablo IV it had to be efficiently presented to the public in progress BlizzCon 2018. However, the announcement would be postponed at the last minute.

Deepening the question, Kotaku reveals that the original plans envisioned, after publication Diablo Immortal, a video is shown in which he is co-founder mećava, allen adham, he would declare it Diablo IV it is in development, but it still can not be displayed. The process of creating the fourth chapter diablo This would be the subject of some developmental problems. Following these unforeseen events, the action would have undergone major changes over the past four years and could be the subject of further change in the future.

mećava has not yet commented on these rumors, but, following widespread discontent over publication Diablo Immortal, Adam has confirmed that Software House has a series of unannounced series projects diablo.

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