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High fragility, the third dose that can be reserved on the portal of the Tuscany region


It is also possible to book in all public and private pharmacies and related pharmacies

vaccination against covid9A third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is also underway for particularly sensitive people. For very fragile adults, who fall into the categories listed in the ministerial environment, a special button for scheduling appointments in vaccination centers will be opened on the afternoon of October 13 on the portal. Simply enter the date of the last dose of the primary vaccination cycle and choose your pathology from those listed.

“Tuscany is campaigning for increased doses of the Covid19 vaccine,” said President Eugenio Gianni. The day before, we open the reservation of the third dose for all those very fragile subjects, which fall under the ministerial circular from October 8. It is in our interest – he continues – to give our citizens the opportunity to implement an additional dose of vaccine improvement as soon as possible, especially for the most vulnerable groups. That is why I asked the digital health and innovation sector, which I thank, to envisage the publication of a new reservation function on the portal ”.

“The third dose is necessary for health protection – explains health advisor Simone Bezzini – especially in the most vulnerable respondents according to age or pathology. The vaccine is the strongest tool we have at our disposal against the virus, as evidenced by data on infections and hospitalizations. I urge all those assigned to book the third dose as soon as possible through online services, determined during the pandemic and in the first phase of the vaccination campaign, as well as through all other active and widespread reservations and administrative channels in the regional territory. “

Those who are entitled to a third dose (such as those who have to carry out the first vaccination cycle) can therefore turn to Tuscan pharmacies and parapharmaceuticals, which have confirmed their readiness to reserve and provide information, which is in addition to those where they perform and administration.

This service for all, offered by pharmacies, which are spread throughout the territory, at this stage can be especially useful for older people who are not familiar with digital tools.

Health and medical staff

We would like to remind you that on October 11 last year, through the regional web portal, the reservation of the third dose began, for all health care workers and health care workers who perform their activities in health care, social and health care structures. And social protection, public and private, in pharmacies, parapharmaceuticals and professional offices, if they have completed the vaccination cycle for at least 6 months.


For people over the age of eighty, the Tuscany region has set up four multi-channel vaccination methods, starting on October 4, when the third dose began for them as well.

The channels available to them are:

– general practitioner: in this case you can contact your doctor directly or submit a request on the portal, by clicking on the form “I vaccinate my doctor”;
– pharmacies;
– Hubs and vaccination centers: in this case, those older than 80 can go directly to the vaccination center without a reservation or to book on the regional online portal in the space intended for them;
– home vaccination, if they cannot move, contact their family doctor.

RSA guests and staff

Guests are vaccinated at the RSA, while staff are vaccinated at either the RSA or the vaccination centers, after booking on the regional web portal in the appropriate dedicated form.

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