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How much coffee do you drink daily? Here is the maximum limit to save the heart

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How much coffee do you drink daily? Here is the maximum limit to save the heart

CAFFE's, the Australian study has set a safe coffee limit that can be drunk daily without risk to the heart and cardiovascular system

How much coffee do you drink daily? Science says maximum 6. Suppose another increases the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and heart problems – Health and Wellness

Coffee is common to millions of people around the world, especially in Italy. Every moment of break or socializing is a real opportunity to drink a glass. In the morning before going to work, at the end of the meal, after smoking, coffee helps us stay awake and active, as well as to satisfy the taste with its aroma. This drink has been the subject of numerous scientific research, as there is a fear that its exciting effect can have a negative impact on health. Today, for the first time, with reasonable certainty we know how much coffee should be consumed daily without fear of cardiovascular diseases or heart problems.

Too much coffee is bad for your heart? Abuse means we become more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease – health and well-being

A new study by the University of South Australia and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrion has attempted to understand whether coffee is hurting and how much the amount that suits the onset of cardiovascular diseases, which, as the WHO remembers, is the first cause of death in the world, is also the easiest to prevent if followed by a healthy lifestyle. "Coffee is the most commonly consumed stimulus in the world, awakens us, increases energy and helps us concentrate, but we often wonder how many coffee we can consume. – explained the author of the study, Elina Hipponen – Most people agree that if you drink plenty of coffee, you can feel nervous, irritable, and perhaps even painful. "

How much coffee do you drink daily? More than 6 glasses increase the risk of hypertension by 22% – Health and well-being

For this study, data from 347,077 subjects between 37 and 73 years were collected in Biobanka of the United Kingdom. The analysis showed that the consumption of more than 6 coffee per day may increase the risk of hypertension by 22%, or the first sign of cardiovascular and cardiovascular disease. This is the first time that a maximum limit has been set for how many drinks you drink daily to protect your health.

Does the coffee hurt? The secret as well as for many other things is moderate – health and well-being

A team of Australian universities specifically focused on the mutation of the CIP1A2 gene that would allow faster caffeine metabolism. The analysis showed that subjects carrying this mutation assimilate the coffee's active substance at a rate of four times the average, but did not show that these people can consume the drink more often without showing side effects. "It is estimated that three billion coffee is drunk daily in the world," concluded Hipponen – Knowing the limits of what is good for us or not imperative. As with many other things, it's just a matter of consuming moderation. "

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