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Iouth League, Juve-Man. United 2-2. Cska Moscow-Rome 1-2


Kevin Monzialo unlike opponents. getti

Kevin Monzialo unlike opponents. getti

Given the 1-4 first leg, Juventus will not even have enough to win two goals to move Manchester United to the top. In Vino, for Bianconeri, they were reassembled twice, and now they have to be careful about the return of the Young Boys who won the second match in Valencia, shortening to -3 against Juventus. He finished with 2: 2, and Baldini boys who led 21 minutes, penalized by striker Elia Petrelli and acknowledged Tanner's error at Anzolin. If Juve can play something, he has to do it because he did not duplicate in the first half, when United looked in difficulty: at 39 ', excellent Nicolussi Caviglia and a little kick out.

After the goal was canceled by Greenwood for the offside, Manchester United still found a draw for a quarter-hour with his own goal Serrao on the ball placed in the middle of Chong. 1-1 in just two minutes: at 62, with the help of Petrelli and the new advantage of Portanova, another great protagonist – like the former Cesena – in the first months of the Juventus season. Another five minutes and Nicki Butt's second goal, this time with Barlow, on penalty. In the final, Petreli was still in the finals, but the right hand ended with the side. Juve, at -3 from the first and third places, will still have to sweat to qualify.

Cska-Rim 1-2
In frozen weather in Moscow, Primavera Roma found three more basic questions for continuing travel in the Youth League. As in Tre Fontan, Giallorossi defeated CSKA: De Rossi's boys, who lost their first two games against Real Madrid and Victoria Plzen, with a 2-1 win in Russia, rose to 6 points and remained in the qualifying round , despite the risk of return after the first pre-registration. Great news for the Roma came from the Czech Republic, where Real Madrid won 2-1 at the 95th in the Victoria Plzen home: two matches from the end of the group stage, Roma others, and currently qualify for the next stage.

Without Celar, which can not be used in Europe, the Roma dropped into the talent of Alessio Riccardi and Devid Bouah: the middle midfielder, in 17, unlocked the score of the left (and not the leg) that shot on the second post. After the opportunity for Cangiana and one for Erokhin, the Roma doubled in the first half with a full return to the third goal in the Youth League: Bouah turned the corner of Cangiana into the net for return.

It seemed that everything was downhill for Rome: in the second half of the second half, for Tiknizian on the cross to the left, the deformation of the goalkeeper Zamarion was thrown out Semeraro, the ball remained there, and Eleev opened the sword again, even touching the draw soon afterwards. Roma risked in the first half of the second half, then progressively continued from the field, unsuccessfully closing the race, first with newly-created Buso, then with captain Marcucci. But he won, and that was it.

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