Saturday , June 3 2023

"Italian films first in the cinema, then online"


"Today I will sign a regulation regulating windows where movie titles can be offered in theaters and only after they are distributed on all the platforms you want." The words that Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Alberto Bonisoli saw in video video yesterday in Rome, a joint study of Agis and the IULM University in Milan titled "Cultural Spaces and Fun Events: A Significant Impact on the Economy of the Territory." Immediately renamed the Decree against Netflik, and, due to the recent controversy at the last Venice Film Festival where there were many titles of a streaming giant, in reality, the thing seems to be not that, although unfortunately the content of the content of the law was not still known.

Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of the MIBAC with a delegation at the cinema, explains that it was ordered by Franceschini, one of those who implemented the cinema law in 2016, to deal only with Italian films, establishing "and the parameters that audiovisual work must possess if he wants to be received for the benefit that the law reserves for cinematographic works. " So, if you want to access with the Italian movie the expected state tax relief, this film before playing it on the online platform will have to be shown in the cinema. In short, the rule that only a film like "On My Skin", Alessio Cremonini, hit the Case Cucchi, which Lucki Red released in theaters at the same time as Netflik, in the recent weeks. A platform that, remember, has no interest in filming its films in theaters, if it may not allow it to participate in prizes such as the Oscars.

The second part of the regulation, which Lucia Borgonzoni explained, "Starting from a market practice that includes a window of 105 days between room and streaming, the proposed rules aim to meet the needs of Italian films that can not remain in the room for a long time." The idea of ​​Mibac- and it is therefore to help "many Italian films that were no longer made after twenty days and were removed from the premises without being able to go elsewhere." In this way, instead, "it will be allowed to go into the hall and after a few gave him a call whether to go on a TV or other platform, "added Lucia Borgonzoni, who assures her" intervenes with other instruments to help the rooms. "Since the only clear thing is the regulation that has been approved by some trade associations, such as Agis, Anica and Anac, they want to protect the center of the hall in all ways, as Minister Bonisoli says "Cooperation with producers and distributors, so the next right is the first summer of Italian cinema with large blockbusters that have emerged since August."

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