Wednesday , July 6 2022

La Pernigotti will dismiss half of the employees. In New Ligue the nightmare of the closure materializes


Close the factory in New Lig company for the production of confectionery products Pernigotti, a hundred employees will remain unemployed after a year of extraordinary dismissals and any other social protection network.
This is a cold news that just returned to Novi Ligure (a town where Pernigotti was founded 150 years ago and has its own factory in Viale della Rimembranza) from Alessandria, where the meeting of owners and trade unionists just ended. Industrial Union. Turkish brothers Toksoz Turkish brothers, owners of the company in New League, have two hundred employees, of which fifty are engaged in production, the rest in administration and sales: from 200, 100 will be dismissed according to what was just announced by the owner who does not intend to sell the prestigious brand and aims to transfer production.

Energize the first replica of trade union representatives: from 6am tomorrow, the permanent assembly to the bitter end of the plant and 11 delegations of RSU Perignotti and a representative of trade union organizations will meet with Mayor of Novi Ligure, Rocchi Muliera, in the municipal building via Giacometti.

For Novi, closing the Pernigotti plant is a very heavy blow.
At present, the confectionery company bought by the Turkish family Toksoz in 2013 employs 200 people, 50 of whom work in the Viale della Rimembranza factory; Others were employed in the administration and in the commercial sector.

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