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Lazio, Caicedo work separately – Sport – Football


Rome, November 14, 2018 – continued work on Formel. Completed 48 hours of rest approved by Simone Inzaghi In the team, Biancocelesti are returning to sweating today at 15.30. There are only fifteen players on the court: they are Vallace, Acerbi, Luiz Felipe, Basta, Durmisi, leiva, Patric, Lukaku, Kataldi, Lulic, Jordao, Parolo, Luis Alberto, Correa and Rossi. Instead, it's still solid caicedo which works separately. The Ecuadorian striker lost the match against Marseille. The news that comes, however, is comforting. Injuries should be avoided, for it should be a simple fatigue of the adductor. He rejoices in the pool and in the gym, but next week he should return to the group with his friends. In addition to him, ten citizens are absent: Strakosha, Bastos, Caceres, Marusic, Murgia, Badelj, Berisha, Pedro Neto, Real Estate and Milinković. The last was eagerly held by medical personnel. This is not at best, it has inconvenience in the knee, but has not yet returned to the capital. He estimates the degree of his injury to see if he can fly against Lithuania. If his condition does not improve, he immediately returns to Rome to conduct an investigation of the case. Same Milinković it was not clear about the time of recovery: "I do not know how much I will have to stay calm, I hope to be back soon", his words to the Serbian media.

LAZIO-MILAN – Although it still has two weeks, there are great expectations for the Olympic challenge to be faced Lazio and Milan, coming back from the park. A match between the 4th and 5th championship champions, which could attract a large number of important fans, as explained by marketing manager biancoceleste Marco Canigiani, she intervened on the official channels of the company: "The game against Milan is very important, it's a great mutual score for classification and as such it has to be treated. The sale will start on Friday, it will take about ten days, we hope there is an answer worth the importance of the game. Time is not bad, because it will be played on Sunday at 6:00 pm: this allows you to better manage the day, not to be too late, "he explained. supporters of rossoneri who want to come capital: "Visitors did not have any communication about restrictions or restrictions, the sale is free and we expect a good response from the supporters of Rossoneri," he concluded.

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