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lesson to Ajak and to Agnelli

Ajakov's joy. ansa

Ajakov's joy. ansa

Juve descends, in the Champions League, without much understanding, against the team that plays better, definitely better. The total football quotes of Ajax Erik Ten Hague, remember the Bonsai version of the major club history pages that maintains Johan Cruyff's profile, and reveal the MacAllegi's and his Italian model, a bit tired. In order to go to the semifinals, he needed a repetition of the match that he won in Turin against Atletico del Chola. We needed that hardness, the same width, intensity and technique that enabled Cristiano Ronaldo to break through Simeon's bunker. The start was good, but Juve's prevalence, which lasted too little, died as a match against a fragile bumblebee. Despite Ronald's 1-0, Ajak continued to believe in his total game. And to pressure himself, he removed lucidity, oxygen and eggs to Pjanic, Bernardeschi and other improvised sources of the Bianconeri game.

Eight Hague players played and lost the Europa League final in 2017 against Mou Manchester United. In these two years they have grown a lot and the added value of their joint performance in high school tradition has made a difference. It has already been seen against Baier and Real, two squadrons at the end of the cycle. It was much more difficult to imagine a similar ending against Juventus, because the Allegory team – on paper – had the potential to finally take home, this blessed Champion. The entire season was designed for this goal. The words that are spoken at the end of the game pay tribute to President Andre Agnelli: compliments from yesterday's opponents are a good lesson for our football. We have so much to learn from Ajax. And probably something that Allegri pleads for the elections done against the Dutch, and a great chance is lost. The eighth league that Juve can celebrate on Saturday against Fiorentina does not cure the wound. There is something to think about.

CR7 and LEO
From the time of the Libyan war, in which Gaddafi was killed, and from the explosion of the disembarkation of migrants in Lampedusa, Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in time in the semi-finals of the Champions League. In 2011 Berlusconi's government was to hand over the technicians to Maria Monti. In the meantime, Milan won the last championship before Bianconeri's hegemony continues today: Allegri was on the bench, not anybody. Eight years of life, Ronaldo has not stopped since. The lobby of the finale became his home. Four of the winners in the last five editions, with a real jersey, legitimized the crown. Juve invested an ocean of millions on him, counting on his difference. Against Athletics, in the second round, he did it. This time was a bit above the line: a tough hit in Amsterdam, the other who appeared to be able to qualify, yesterday at the stadium. Nothing, insufficiently. This yellow violation, on the target line, which flooded the poor Veltman, speaks of all his frustration over the eviction imposed by Ajak. Cristiano was there, others were not enough. In the Nou camp, Bar people also celebrate this defeat of the CR7, along with Messi's triumph, which liquidates United and brings Blaugrana to four games from the new possible Triple. For Leah, it can really be a year of great revenge.

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