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Mandzukic and Ronaldo Juve folded Milan Higuin lost his head – Sport



A year ago, Gonzalo Higuain decided that, with the Bianconero jersey, he was able to trim twice against Milan, allowing Juventus to break San Siro. Yesterday, Pipita, who in the meantime married the Rossoneri, was equally decisive, but negative, making a penalty of the first possible 1-1, and then leaving ten of her. Juventus thanks, wins 2-0 and retains unchanged (to +6) difference from Napoli in second position. They decide the goals of Mandzukic and Ronald in the eighth center of the league.

Gattuso recovers first in the rank of Gonzalo Higuain, who is a pair in the attack with Sam Castillejo. In the middle of the pitch, without Biglia, there is still Bakaioko to work with Kessie. In Juventus, the others turn to the first (disputing the south corner) of Bonucci, and Benati is placed next to Chiellini at the heart of the baroness. The front Mandzukic returns, called to cross with Cristiano Ronaldo and Dibal. The Croatian striker opened the match in the 8th minute, ran to the left side of Alek Sandro.

Rossoneri fight and Juventus easily keeps the ball of the game, forcing Gatuus to change something in an effort to marry rearguard of Italian champions: the devil technician then raises Suso on the line of attackers, with Calhanoglu mezzal. It seems that the tactical change has the desired effect: in 38 'only Spaniard ek Liverpool serves deep Higuain; the next review of Pipita was intercepted by Benati's hand: Mazzoleni, after inspecting the Var's action, fined Milan. The same goes for Higuain, who hypnotized Szczesni.

At the start of the second half, the Gatous team looks more neat and looks able to keep the Old Ladies in, but continued the command of operations: at 55 'Ronaldo the first blow, and Donnarumma on the ground; two minutes later, Juventus is close to doubling, and Paulo Dibala has a free kick on the post after he went around the barrier.

Ringhio tries to shake him, sending him first to the Cutrona field (for Castillejo), and then to change from outside, with Borini and Lakalt who discover Calhanoglu and Abate. Allegri responds by sending Khedir to Pjanic and Douglas Kost to Dibal.

In the 81st year of the race, it is practically going to the archives: Lalkalt wronged his departure favoring the intervention of Joao Cancela, who concludes his goal; Cristiano Ronaldo pounces on a short-term Donarunma defeat, defeating Rossoneri defender and giving himself the first goal of his career in San Sir.


Gonzalo Higuain finally falls, who, being warned of an elbow in the middle of the field that entered Benati, completely lost his head and was expelled by Mazzolen. Now is the risk of long disqualification. –


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