Tuesday , September 27 2022

Maneuvering, pressing Italy by Dragons and Curses: debt reduction


The responsibility of a country like Italy, which has a very high public debt, goes beyond the rules of the European budget
public. This is the position expressed by ECB President Mario Draghi during the meetingEurogroup last Monday. European sources have confirmed this.

On the "case" of Italy, the Austrian prime minister intervened today
Sebastian Kurz, President of the European Union, attended a press briefing at the People's Congress in Helsinki. u
in accordance with the feeling of Draghi's words, Kurz said: Frankly, I hope that it will be a positive outcome later
negotiations between the European Commission and the Italian government on maneuver. The Austrian prime minister also stressed:
The Maastricht criterion must be understood by all Member States.

For his part, Draghi addressed the Italian government and his choice to present a draft budget for 2019
with goals that violate the Stability Pact. In addition to specific rules on economic "management", this is
judging – and warning – Draghi, the state of the monetary union must take responsibility as a co-participant
Collective liability arising from the adoption of the same currency.

VIEW VIDEO / Draghi launches alarm, Italy agrees with EU

It is thus confirmed that not only do they have 18 ministers of finance of the monetary union, given their support to the European Commission
in the case of Italy, but that the EU's executive director has full support from the ECB.

The President of the ECB, at the meeting of the lunar eugene community attended by the Minister of Economy
Giovanni Tria, insisted on the need of Italy to reduce the high debt.

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