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Next Gen: favorite Tsitsipas immediately hit: Munar k.o.


Stefanos Tsitsipas, 21, number 15 ranking Atp BOZZANI

Stefanos Tsitsipas, 21, number 15 ranking Atp BOZZANI

The star does not save. Stefanos Tsitsipas starts off on his way to the Finale Nekt Gen Atp during the Rho fair. 20 years old from Athens, who this year was the first Greek in history to win the title of Atp (in Stockholm), did not play the best but never appeared without prejudice – the first in group A – against Jaume Munar, a Spanish who has his mentor in Rafa Nadal. The two secret breaks in the first two parts paved the way for favorite number one in the tournament dedicated to the younger of 21, and then finished fourth in a decisive break in the last game of the match (4-3 4-3 3-4 4-2 result) . Less than 0-40 after three games from his opponents, Munnar managed to hit the crowd and walk into the net to regain the deficiency. But the ball is simpler, it's easy at 40-40, it's finished a few centimeters and delivered the success of the Hellenic tennis player. Who won a dowry that should not be part of his repertoire: patience. in fact, the one who picked up the largest number of long exchanges, over seven strokes. "With this formula," Stefanos explains, "we must always pay attention, because it is enough to lose the game to compromise the set." I am happy to win, but I have to improve over the week if I want to get to the bottom. in any case, I had a high level opponent who deserved to be here after playing great. "

heavy blows
Frances Tiafoe, an American who seemed most comfortable of all in the evening, starts the tournament well. Against the Polish Hubert Hurkacz, who was initially obviously intimidated, Tiafoe looked in full control after winning the first two sets for 4-1 and 4-2. Instead of the third one, the music changed, the Polish played a little bit, and his heavy shooting started to hurt and turned into the winners, so the sword was extended to the fourth. Here in the American competition, the American took a lot of risk, finding himself in a disadvantage of 3-1, before the start of a return that spurred a wonderful touch under the net, into the recovery, sent the audience to parties. From that moment, Tiafoe returned the inertia of a match that could really get him down. He missed the first three balls of the ball, but the fourth was good, and Hurkacz had to accuse him of several unused set points without a real comfortable closing chance. Now on the court for the last match of the day, valid for group B, blue Liam Caruana and Australian Alec De Minaur

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