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Rome, November 15, 2018 – Beijing Ekpress 2018 decree only three finalists of the pair the seventh edition to be played all over Cape Town, where, in addition, some friends and relatives of the competitors will come to help them in the final stage travel on the road.

semifinal adventure games raidue enters in South Africa for a competition between four pairs: Le Mannequin (Linda Morselli and Rachele Fogar), Ladies of television (Patrizia Rossetti and Maria Teresa Ruta), Surfers (Andrea Montovoli and Francisco Porcella) e Scoppers (Fabrizio Colica and Tommi Kuti). but Konstantin Gherardesca drop the joker and move the cards for this ninth stage. The only safety are Kuti shirts strictly censored.

After the canoe test that defeated Ruth and Porcelain, a search for the steps begins. And maybe it's real proof Do not invest because the roads are large, and cars are shot at full speed. Morselli is used for high speeds (she is a girl Alonso pilot) but this time we are bad. "Fabrizio, they do not look very friendly." i Colic sentencing: "Boy of the Boy" at the Mign … a! ".

At Monkeiland, Ruth gives the best of himself, drawing Lycia Colo inside him (in caves Cango instead turns into Alberto Angela) and Talk to the mothers. "Hi, I'm here." Then: "How are you beautiful!". Here's how a photo book begins with primates, forgetting the mission. And stay in company Porcella surfer He also began to speak in Sardinia, giving pearls to pearls. "Look at the crew!", Says the TV lady who points to little ostriches.

After testing with Minotaur in Farm Redberri, couples must seek accommodation and is not as easy as in the previous stages in Morocco and Tanzania. And then Rossetti in Montautoli: "Take out your beautiful blue eyes!" The research lasts for hours, serial supplier crashed into a long cry. The cart is, however, happy, as never before, shamelessly trying with the future of Mrs. Alonso (any excuse is good to accept) so much Twitter leaves the ship.

benefit test, an African upgrade with ostriches instead of elephants seen before a release, has its own add-on: to accelerate albumin from the ostrich's eggs. And Costantino in Colica: "With all … you made you need to be a teacher!" Advantage if they get them model, the race starts again with classical couples who are catapulted in search of a passage to get to the sexy Ronnies store, which is actually an original pub in which customers leave a reminder of their underwear. Even competitors have to leave something. So, amongst B side of Surfers in a beautiful view also appears body Routes for interference in the ninth episode.

Again together, Ladies of TV are scared. Redhead Rossetti: "You Ruth are not normal, do you really want to make a pancake in your head tonight?". The river tears for all competitors (Lord on the tear-floor) when Constantine gives a memorial to Beijing Ekpress. In the final phase, there is a space for commenting on the route. i Breakouts do not give discounts to surfers. "If they won, that would bother me a bit. I'm like Indaghi who does not do c … or the entire game, they send the ball and put it in it!" Kuti says he and his partner Colic managed to make a night in the hotel and Offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the end of the target line the ninth stage The first is Mannequin, the other is Burst, while Surfers and Ladies are at risk. Models saved a couple of Ruta-Rossetti, la black envelope it says The stage is elimination, and then the end of the game for Surferse. u final – Thursday, November 22 – they go Three couples: Maneken, Burst i TV lord.

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