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Reggio Emilia – barricaded by post office. The firefighter was surrendered to Italy


Armed barricade in the post office with hostages

He lives from Pieve Modolene where Francesco Amato, sentenced to 19 years for "ndrangheta", closed several employees

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Reggio Emilia – The defendant was convicted several days earlier at the maximized trial of "ndrangheta" Aemilia, from then unpredictable, barricaded within Pieve Modolene's post office, the Reggio Emilia faction, with a knife. After long hours, the man arrested the police about 4.40.

Reggio Emilia, banned from post office with hostages (Photo)

Four hostages were not damaged

All four women held hostages for hours in the Reggio Emilia office by Francesco Amat, convicted of the Aemili trial and freed from the carabiner's blist. The father will be taken to the barracks. Originally there were five hostages, but she freed the 54-year-old treasurer when she felt ill and burned for 118 years.

Carabiner Commander: "He gave himself"

"He opened the door, took the hostage and gave it up". Thus provincial commander Karabiner Reggio Emilia, Col. Cristiano Desideri, renewed talks with reporters about the time when Francesco Amato, who held the post office for eight hours detained, gave up. What convinced him? "Time, patience and dialogue with the negotiators, who made him unable to get what he asked for."

Dynamics and bargaining with carabinieri

The man sent all the customers, holding five employees as hostages, among them the director, and then released one. At the scene of the police that closed the streets and started negotiations. Man is called Francesco
It's Amato. He was sentenced to 19 years, and the prison order he had withdrawn is in progress. Part of the way through Emilia, where the post office is located, was evacuated, and two bars were created on the sides.

Phuket: "If we open up, it is said that our bad ends"

"We're in there, Mr. Amato wants to talk to Salvi, I see, I'm in, Mr. Amato says, he wants Salvini, talk to Carabinieri, with us, he has a knife in his hand, I work here, we are four. he said that if we open the door, someone badly finished and then we entered the interior. "So one of the hostages, employed by the Pieve Modolen faction Reggio Emilia, interviewed Marco Sabene from the Giornale Radio Rai.

Who's Francesco Amato?

Ranksco Amato, who is banned in Italy's post office in Pieve Modoleni, part of Reggio Emilia, who holds four hostages, comes from Rosarno in the province of Reggio Calabria. Amato was arrested as part of Operation Aemilia on January 28, 2015 and sent for trial on December 21 of the same year. At the end of the trial, on October 31, he was sentenced to 19 years and a month in prison on charges of being one of the organizers of the "ndrangheta gang" in Emilia-Romagna.

Francesco Amato (photo Gazzetta di Reggio)

Kid kidnapper: "Protest for conviction"

Demonstrating action against unjust punishment. That would be the reason Francesco Amato came armed with a knife in the regiment at Reggio Emilia's gates and captured five women, four officers and directors. This was explained by Brother Amato, who arrived on the face during negotiations with the police. This is a family member who is not charged with the Aemilia trial. In the meantime, one of the women, a 54-year-old cashier, came out of being sick. Amato was a mail client, went to pay bills, they also knew about the physical damage he had in his hand.

"I will kill you all" and then take people as hostages

"I'll kill you all." This is a threat that Francesco Amato, the accused convicted at the Aemilia trial, entered the office and took hostage five women, four workers and directors, in the post office of Pieve Modolen (Reggio Emilia). One of them felt bad at one point and Amato sent her to help him. The cones would be held with a man by carabinieri, especially a military man, on the threshold of the building, which looks like a connection.

Amato wants to talk to Salvina

Convicted at the Aemilia trial, Francesco Amato asked, inter alia, to speak with Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In the meantime, the negotiations continued with the police, outside the post office in which Amato was barricaded about 9 am, leaving all the clients and getting employees hostage.

The employee was released

One in five of the post office employees in Reggio Emilia, sentenced to convicted Francesco Amatuu, a woman, will be taken out of the branch office. In front of her, the woman collapsed and rescued her 118 staff.

«I was sentenced to 19 years in Aemilia»

"I was sentenced to 19 years in Aemilia." These are the words Francesco Amato said this morning when he entered the Pieve Modolene post office in Reggio Emilia, where he held some employees and directors as hostages. The man was throwing a kitchen knife with a white lunch. Outside the branches, carabiniera, police and public prosecutor Iacopa Berardi, with chief prosecutor Mark Mesolini. An intervention by special forces is estimated.

The process of "Aemilia"

The process was completed on October 31st. There are 118 convictions for over 1,200 years in prison, and another 24 in abbreviated form, including former Vincenzo Icuinto (two years (and his father Giuseppe (19)).

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