Thursday , June 1 2023

Scudetto, Callejon does not give up: «Fabien Ruiz is strong»


Still not recorded at this season's start, but Jose Callejon again became Carlo Ancelotti again this year among the main players of Naples. "Victory Genoa is worth more than three simple points, the return to the game with that rain was difficult, and all the answers were important. We all believe in Scudetto, we have been talking about it for years, but we have to keep our feet on the ground. all we have and see how this will end, the season is still long, "he told Radio Kiss Kiss.

For him a long experience in blue. "When I came with Benitez, I was pleased with the selection, this year they passed quickly. Napoli players always felt at home," Spaniard admitted. "Ancelotti is a quiet coach, he has experience and knows how to give everyone the best in every game. I do not know if that one against Psg was my best game, but it felt good, we all worked well, winning a great spot ». Discussion Champ, now, is considering the passage of the turn. "We are still here, even if it will be difficult to finish in the first place, we have to win the next with Crvena Zvezda, and then we will see. In the second round, all are very strong teams, but we think first of the group."

And the goal that does not come is not a problem. "Even my wife repeats to me, but I feel comfortable, football is such a goal," said Callejon. "Fabian is a very strong player, but he has to keep working until the end, leaving the team will not be easy, but they will have a chance." With Insigne, there is a great feeling, I realize when he wants to give me a ball, but I do not reveal our secret, Lorenzo is playing next to the door this year and has great quality, knows how to win and always gives us a big hand. We are a complex group, we are together out of the field and there are many players who have been together for many years. The team is always worth more than a single. Dream for 2019? The victory of Scudetta can be one of the dreams that I will lead with me. "


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