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so the gene is turned off

Tumors, they discovered a deadly weapon in broccoli to throw them out

u Broccoli and in other similar vegetables there is a protein that can become a part of the weapon cancer: really a study led by an Italian Pier Paolo Pandolfi, the director of the Cancer Center and the Cancer Research Institute at the Bek Israeli Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, shows that the natural compound (indole-3-carbinol) is present in "crosses" (a broccoli family, which also includes carfiol, green beetle) ) excludes a gene that suits tumors. The discovery was published in the journal Science.

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Tumors, patients spend 5 billion each year from their own pockets: they work at risk

"We have discovered an important new actor which holds the ranks of a critical mechanism for the development of cancer, an enzyme called VVP-1 and which can be excluded by the natural compound found in broccoli and other vegetables» – said Pandolfi. "This mechanism is therefore revealed as the Achilles heel, which can become the target of new therapeutic options». In animal studies that have been predisposed to the development of various types of cancer, the experts have found that a molecule known to suppress tumor development (PTEN, termed oncosuppressor) deactivated by VVP-1, and that by hitting VVP-1 indole-3- carbinol The PTEN function has been restored and tumor growth suppressed. Of course, this is still a preliminary study, but indole-3-carbinol suggests the basics for the development of new antitumour therapies. Last updated: 7.45


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