Wednesday , February 8 2023

The scar is a probable cause of death


A young leukemia patient dies in a hospital in Trieste: the probable cause of death

Attack measles could cost the life of the older 23 years from Friuli Venezia Giulia leukemia, at the hospital in Trieste. Hospitals 40 days ago, a young man was treated with various therapies for leukemia in a hospital in Cattinara. Boy's condition worsened after severe respiratory failure.

After that he is placed in extracorporeal breathing and transferred to intensive care of cardiology, a department in which there is a machine that has enabled him to survive. The young man died yesterday. The case is evaluated by the same health worker very rarely if it is not unique. The young man would show signs of recovery for leukemia, but would become immune-compromised. Also, affected by pneumonia, he would not resist the invasion of the goddesses. A more detailed examination will be done to determine the causes of death.

In intensive care, the victim was treated by a team of cardiologists, infektologa, hematologa and pulmologists who meet daily. A week ago, there was a first case of suspicion of death for smallpox, after which the local health care center began mass-surveys, even among employees. © REZERVIRANA REPRODUKCIJA

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