Saturday , April 1 2023

they are two sides of the same coin


Now too common, anorexia and bulimia, two well-known eating disorders, are increasingly attacking the minds of people and their ideals. In fact, from these last ones everything was born. The ideal of beauty, the ideal of perfection, the idea of ​​glamor and the ideal of impeccability. Yes: impeccability, only she. The fear of error leads us to be flawless. We are afraid that we have something that does not go well, that's not true and it all leads us to live with torture that drags a little into a big vortex, called anorexia or bulimia.

Physical anorexia is negative, especially mental, because mental disorders are complicated and difficult to overcome (and not physically). Bulimia is negative, which leads to excessive desire for food, in an excessive and excessive way. Perhaps it is more than a bulimia that we can understand that the mind and body really start to touch strongly. Bulimia, in fact, represents a disproportionate desire for food, but it also presupposes the rejection, so it is completely paradoxical, which shows us a situation that is so unfortunate, that unfortunately, those who fall into this space live.

It is incorrect, but not so beautifully, to generalize all the causes of anorexia or bulimia: in fact, although it is true that most of the people who suffer from such disorders, this condition lives for reasons already stated at the beginning, it should be noted that Motivations are not only these.

Sometimes it exists something stronger From us, something you can not fight, it can start with a very simple diet and, little by little, it makes the situation escape from the hand. Other time, again, a personal health problem still exists, which is less easily overcome than you think. Moreover, we often live in a climate that for one reason or another consequently involves these disorders; but in fact there could be many reasons, because each individual is different, each soul is different, and each body reacts in its own way against unnecessary circumstances.

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