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to stop on gas from next year


After the polemics launched by the television show Hyena given the gases that continued to work even in the absence of real consumption, good news for Italian consumers is finally coming. As has happened at least since March 2018 For accounts electricity, starting from the next one January 1, 2019 tzv short recipe it will also expand to supply gas [VIDEO]. As a consequence, Italian consumers will no longer have to worry about getting their astronomical invoices delivered to their homes and pointing to recalculated spending to five years back. In fact, the recipe will be reduced two years.

This is established by the resolution of Arer, the competent authority for regulating energy, networks and the environment.

What changes to new recipe conditions

As already mentioned, it is envisaged to reduce obsolescence from five to two years, for the electricity market, but in the Budget Law 2018. Now Arera would not do anything, but these provisions will also be extended to the gas market. From next January, in practice, in case they happen relevant delays in a consumption calculation that can be attributed to the neglect of a supplier or even a distributor (two often they do not match), the ultimate consumer-consumer may require a two-year recipe and pay solely for consumption related tothe last two years.

New obligations of the supplier

Moreover, the Arera resolution specifies that gas companies will have two types of obligations according to their customers.

First, they must facilitate the customer – the consumer in exercising his right to to declare a recipe. This right should be done by sending it to the buyer two accounts different. One containing amounts to be paid up to two years before, and another invoice containing the summary of the prescribed amounts, as they relate to more than two years back.

Additional obligation of the supplier company [VIDEO], strictly related to the previous one, is that it relates to the preparation of a precise model or format which customers will have to fill in to communicate to the company the readiness to exercise the right to prescribe amounts over two years. These provisions, as leaflets stand out Il Sole 24 Ruda contained in Resolution Arera no. 569/2018 / R / com available on the site of the organ itself.

Adiconsum, a consumer protection association, issued a press release welcoming Arena's decision.

In this way, the consumer association emphasizes, the word is set the end on a practice that significantly influenced the budgets of millions of Italian families. But good news would not end. In fact, as always emphasizes Il Sole24 Ore, from the March 2019 new rules on biennial billing will apply to water consumption. In this way, uniformity is achieved.

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