Thursday , September 29 2022

Volkswagen Tarok Concept: a review of the takeover at the San Paolo Car Show – the concept


Among the leading sectors in theBrazilian economy, sector automotive it has long been one of the most relevant. National affiliates confirm this from an industrial point of view big toy; in these particularly sensitive days for the country (coming from the electoral circle destined to enter the history of the massive influx of votes against protests, reflector of the international supply chain they are intended Sao Paulo Motor Shov, scheduled for Sunday November 18th in Sao Paulo Ekpo & Convention Center.

Among the newspapers present at the fair, in addition to the FCA proposal (the leading sales group in Brazil: September, Fiat-Chrisler Automobiles achieved a market share of 17.7% in the first nine months of this year), "new entrants" Zero emission Nissan Leaf – a review for the green gold market – and the Nissan Formula E one seat, and McLaren Senna, there volksvagen (another "big" mobility in Brazil), which is found in the kermesse paulist The concept of Tarok, prototype of pickup (a market segment among the best-known domestic drivers) from an internal four-door schedule and marking an accurate study aimed at new solutions for style and equipment, with the goal – declared by the same leader of Wolfsburg – "Combine elements of style that are typically typical of" Sport Impact "to a distinctly off-road imporont," says the responsible Design of VV, Klaus Bischoff.

In detail, Concept Volkswagen Tarok – a ready-made prototype: for 2019, Volkswagen will bring a model in the Brazilian market that, regardless of some elements of marginal importance, will have the right line from the concept presented in Salone di San Paolo; does not exclude, however, the possible "export" in other countries – emphasizes space-interior a four doors and five seats. It should be noted, for the purpose versatility of use, an intelligent style solution: the system variation of the charging area, which makes it possible to extend the lever for the rear platforms – in the standard version, the length is 1,206 mm – up to 2,775 mm: through the removal of the joints on the rear wall of the passenger compartment and the second row of seats, it will be possible to obtain 1,861 mm length; if there is a need to transport objects that are particularly dense in the longitudinal direction, the opening of the last "door" will help to take advantage of the front of the "boot area" of almost three meters.

This innovation adjust designed by Volkswagen Technicians for the brand new Tarok concept – of which it is length a body that measures less than five meters – is combined with a certain aesthetic characterization: if the front of the vehicle "complies" with the current proposals of the Volfsburg SUV, it is additionally modernized in some elements (this is the case, for example, of daylight inspired by optical groups "Sport Utiliti" T-Roc and a very recent T-Cross, as well as a double horizontal LED pattern that accentuates the grid and connects the design of lights) is to point to a nice sports character of the side profile (in which, as mentioned above , offroad styles with each other im pick-ups, and in which the "split" between these two types of vehicles is intensified by the obvious upright in the silver color "Targa" type) and the lower part of the body, is protected by visible additives.

Definitely "up-to-date", based on information that Volkswagen named, is also inner look, innovative for the pick-up segment that relates to high-tech equipment: digital instrumentation (Digital Cockpit) is combined with a central display for controlling functionality Infotainmentalong a visual and operational "axis".

Under the hood, The Volkswagen Tarok Concept is equipped with a proven track record 1.4 TSI of 150 hp, which – in accordance with the regulations in force in Brazil – can be powered by the system TotalFlek Fuel, with pure ethanol (E100) or with a mixture of gasoline and ethanol E22. Gearbox, all-wheel drive 4motion exclusively for Volkswagen, provides a six-speed automatic transmission. In the next version of production, VV Tarok will be proposed with the unit turbodiesel 2.0 TDI of 150 hp.

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