Monday , March 27 2023

"We are in the lobby of the dictatorship, but the government will soon fall"


"I am convinced of this Government will not last five years ". In an interview at the National Youth Congress Forza Italia in Rome, Silvio Berlusconi already sees the end of executive power on the horizon led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (see video). "The League – explains the Knight – will soon realize that it can not issue a program center presented to our voters". When this happens, there will be only two options on the table. "The first – continues – mandate center which determined the necessary votes in parliament in order to form a majority. Otherwise, you will have to go to new elections ".

"If we continue this way, we are really in the foreground of dictatorship …". Berlusconi does not hide his worries. And, after the attack from the side Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista to reporters after the acquittal following the acquittal of Virginia Raggi, warns the Italians. "All the statements (Five Stars, ed) have provoked great concern – explains the leader of Forza Italy – we are in ilibel democracy". Even the Democratic Party leaders have agreed with him that the country faces "dangerous government" (watch video). "I'm really worried – pressure – we are in the same situation as 1994, but at least then PCI had the experience of public administration". According to Vitez, "and grillini in their old communism add tireless social envy and absolute ignorance, and not knowledge of public administration ". "Nobody would have thought to deliver a small company to those who did not know it, but it happened in Italy, and that's so today," Vitez said, worried about the announced measures "They're going to touch them freedom citizens ". First of all: the company will create it "an ethical state that chooses what is good and what is bad, and citizens force it instead of citizens".

During today's event, Berlusconi wants to re-launch a clear message League and Salvina to return to the center of her right. "This government can not continue with nature, and the possibility of its ending is not that far," he explains, "as there is a possibility that a mandate in the right center will go to parliament to seek a majority, which I believe is a real hypothesis". However, the goal is still to return to the elections. In that case, Berlusconi is sure, the center will return to victory. "I am sure that the Italians, those from Italy, who are not a political party, but the only definition, that I went on March 4 to vote, have made a mistake, will understand the mistakes in large numbers and take them to places to secure the future of democracy and freedom in the country". Hence the call for the young people of Forza Italia, who are present at the Capitoline Congress, a "be the protagonists of condemnation" Dell & # 39;voting body right center.

At the National Youth Congress Forza Italia, Berlusconi claims his leadership: "I'm still on the ground, also because retirement does not work well …". And he sends a message to allies, especially Salvinia, who now sits with the government Five Stars. Then, promising his parents not to give up, he talked about meeting with his colleagues from high school: "We stayed at eight, one was with a coach, the other was accompanied by his children and, for no apparent reason, I said," I invited my companions, not their grandparents … ".

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