Tuesday , May 30 2023

Who will be the new CEO of Tim?


new to the team

This is (apparently) a ceasefire on the team front after the "torpedo" of General Director Amos Genis. Participants are, in fact, sharp weapons, and the stock market smells of smell of blood and strikes sales orders of the company, which closed yesterday from -3.16% to 0.5210 euros per share.

Vivendi expects that at this moment she will not take any initiative and wants to wait for the outcome of a committee meeting to meet next week afternoon in Rome for the appointment of a new executive director.

The outcome of this election will trigger every request for convening a meeting, a university that Vivendi, with 23.9% stake, can use at any time. Elliott, on the other hand, recalls that the board was technically independent and was elected to a shareholder meeting on May 4 with votes circulating on the market.

In any event, he does not find out that at least he has decided to give the sack to Genis, who has expressed his intention to remain as a committee adviser where he was elected for Vivendi.

Candidates for Succession

The ball goes to the Nomination and Award Committee that will meet today at 10.30 in Rome and will have to take all the technical steps to go to Genis and prepare the appointment of a new company head. We are currently continuing to rely on an internal solution, avoiding co-choosing an administrator from the outside, with the last resignation of the current member of the Elliott Board.

For internal selection, the option of Luigi Gubitosi is strengthened, which Vivendi could also appreciate, which would allow the postponement of the meeting to the next April session in order to adopt financial statements.

Favorit remains the former "dolphin" of Sergius Marchionne, the tarantino of Alfredo Altavile, who considered it the most convenient to translate the wishes of the government and Elliot in practice: the network is broken and later connects to the Open Fiber network to create a single player that would be rewarded with more favorable fees, ie with the Rab system ("regulated asset base") that allows for financing in the tariff, therefore in the accounts of those using the infrastructure, all investments.

Novi a.d. one or two general managers will join: in this case, the main candidates are current financial director Piergiorgio Peluso, director of business and top clients Lorenzo Forina and former Tim Brasil Stefano De Angelis.

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