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"With her two days to lead love"


Corona, charges against Cecchi Paone. And in Asia Argento:

Fabrizio Corona was the guest of Piero Chiambretti a # CR4 Republic of women, at Ret 4, and as usually his statements did not go unnoticed. Interviewed by Chiambretti and from Alfonso Signorini while talking about "beautiful and damned", Corona began commenting on the grief between his former Silvia Provvedi i Alessandro Cecchi Paone during the Big Brother Vip, a lawsuit in which another said that Korona is not an example of young people.

Asia Argento loves a man. Signorini: "It happened two days ago and he is not Corona …"

"I always said that Cecchi Paone he used his homosexuality because his career was in decline – said Corona – He preaches moral, but then he behaves in a completely different way in private, especially at night ». Regarding the Providence: "Silvia was with me, she came to see me many times in jail, never asked for anything in return, and never had any cover – added – Cecchi Paone says I'm not an example for young people? You're wrong, I'm an example of young people. Because I was in prison and every time I got out, I got up. "

ON ASIA SILVER Korona then talked about Asia Argento and her relationship that took place for several days: "It's not often that you meet someone and you do not leave home to make love for two days"His words. Then the rest of the discoveries: Chiambreti shows two photographs arrived at the editorial office in Signorini. The photos show that Asia Argento loves another man who is not Corona, and Fabrizio seems annoyed: but after Chiambretti gives him a horn, the same conductor discovers that in reality all this is joking, with the consent of Asia itself.

EKS EKS FIDANZATE Then they were referred to former Corona girls, from Providence to Belene to Nina Moric. "I'm trying to get something from each of them – he says – Does Moric say I'm in love with myself? The truth is. Me and Lele Mora? Every day he invents, but I love him. If I were with a man, I would choose a better one. "" Ronald? I do not think he raped this girl, he might be a bit overweight with the attitudes – then added Ronald – Perhaps, like Asia, he was wrong in the transaction and payment. "

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