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AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro, don’t you itch? | Gizmodo Japan

My family listens to me all the time.

When you look at it, the outside and inside of the ears are bright red. Looking at the news, it seems that the new coronavirus also causes skin irritation. It was disturbing from the inside.

However, it is. When I stopped doing that, the symptoms suddenly stopped. Yes, Beats Electronics’ Powerbeats Pro, which is also in the title. When my family thought “What?” And searched, there were many friends, and the support questions and answers forum also posted a picture of a German who had similar symptoms. Similar complaints were made to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

I had no doubt 10 months after I bought it, but in those days of suffering …

The feeling of dreams in the first six months

“No matter how hard you move, it won’t take off,” but Uri’s Powerbeats Pro was released on May 10, 2019 for $ 250 as a wireless headset with the same H1 chip as the second generation AirPods. He was released in Japan in July of the same year for 24,800 yen.

Family members who rock a thousand bottles every day reserve and buy this. Powerbeats Pro comes with a hook, so it won’t come off easily, and it can also cause external noise, so you don’t have to worry about ignoring it during training. The custom IEM UE 11 Pro that I had before and stole in the gym matched the shape of my ears perfectly (one steals it …), so musicians have to do it live, but it’s hard. if it’s just training.

In fact, this is the number of wireless headphones that cannot be removed, and the level of satisfaction was quite high. I used it at the gym three times a week.

My ears are swollen and sore

However, the gym, gym and public gym in Corona were closed, and after I started zooming in at home in April, my ears suddenly itched, and the inside and outside turned bright red. I bought and tried all kinds of over-the-counter medications, but none of them worked. On the contrary, there are ear drops that cause intense pain in the ears, so I decided to stop messing with them. After I left it for a while, the swelling subsided a bit, but this time I suffered from the symptoms of peeling skin.

My family teaches kendo in the United States, so when the skin falls on the dark blue color on the vest, I feel like dandruff. Instead, it is basically dandruff itself. The zoom class started in the evening, so at least the relief was anything I couldn’t see so much. Every day I was reminded that I had to diligently shrug my shoulders so that I could meet my students at any time.

Why did you notice

Powerbeats Pro has built-in microphones in both ears, but only receives voice from one, left or right side. The Japanese help page says “You can use the left or right earpiece as a microphone,” so you can read it as if you pick up sound from both ears, but the original text says “either of your bugs” and “either left or right.” You can see that this is a specification that is automatically assigned to “ka”.

I didn’t know that and I used it separately from my son, but then only one voice could reach the student. Then I finally noticed that I set it to “always right” or “always left” and changed the handset when I changed the chat, but that gradually became boring and I bought a pistol microphone in the summer. Now I don’t have to touch Powerbeats Pro (I’m at home, so I’m listening to the iPad speaker) and the inflammation has subsided.

By the way, that did not affect my son, so maybe it depends on my constitution.

AirPods Pro reports similar symptoms

There are people who complain of similar symptoms on AirPods Pro, and Redddit was sent to Redddit four times in the first year after purchase. I didn’t have any problems for five months after the purchase, but one day I suddenly felt pain in my ears, and when I visited the doctor, I heard that I had been diagnosed with mycosis, didn’t I? It is said that he was cured with a simple treatment, but it seems that he endured four times a year, and in November last year he wrote: “I haven’t used it for three weeks, because the fourth time was terrible.”

What happens to any product if you close your ears?

Others commented: “Any headset can happen if it is airtight” and “I don’t use it clean”, but in our case it is a custom UE with an ear. Pro is much more airtight, but it does not cause inflammation, so I wonder if that is the case … Is there a worsening even if you consider it a common item to be asymptomatic about half a year after use? I think …


“I haven’t had inflammation with a monitor in my ears for more than 20 years, but I have inflammation with AirPods Pro for more than 4 hours a day several times a week. I wash it once a week, dry it and they used it before. The Zenheiser IE800 and Sony MDR-Z5 I used did not cause inflammation even after using them for more than 10 hours a day. What is the cause? “(Ksdamm777)

“Well, it’s exactly the same. I used the Pro again and came back. I couldn’t hear my right ear for a moment, but I never thought of it as an AirPods Pro. I noticed it well.” (AustinMatthevs75) Г. )

“For years, my ear infection subsided and I didn’t see it on other bugs, but using AirPods Pro several times a week for two hours a day with one ear repeated my labyrinthitis,” Monigai said.)

“I’ve had maze three times on my AirPods Pro. I’m in pain and I’m afraid I’ll be deaf. ”(Bubblegum Titanium)

“I bought AirPods Pro in April and my ears have been itching since two months ago (September). My ears are peeled off, I have otorrhea and it doesn’t stop all day, and I always hear when I walk. The doctor prescribed an anti-otorrhea ointment, so if I put it on, it would heal in 10 days, and if I disinfected the case with AirPods Pro and put it in one ear, it would warm up in 1 hour, and the otorrhea would recur in 30 minutes. . I wonder if I’m allergic. I will buy a film made by another company and see what happens. “(Cloverandclutch)

Onemac in the photo waited for him to be completely cured, and after the doctor confirmed that there was nothing wrong with his skin, he put Powerbeats Pro on for 4 hours. When I was re-examined, I was diagnosed with “contact dermatitis caused by wearing Powerbeats Pro”, so I reported that I consulted Apple with a photo and a medical certificate. Onemac’s hypothesis is that there may be a problem with nano-paint that repels sweat. I did not understand even after reading the explanation on the official website.

By the way, my family is not allergic. The COVID-19 test is negative each time. Children use MUJI AirPods without earrings without any problems, so when it comes to ears, it is safe to say that MUJI is safer than Pro with strong resistance to sweat and water.

Care problem?

From the editorial office, “There are many users of Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro in the editorial office, but no one has such a symptom. I use both products without any problems and I can use them without any problems. I’m sure Many people use it without any problems. What interested me after reading was that it was very basic, but I took care of it as Apple introduced it. I wonder if they do. “

I felt that I didn’t have to worry only about my family who likes to iron hackams, but that’s an important thing, so when I asked “Isn’t it badly maintained?”, “It was the same as the UE”. so. I also painted without notice. It’s not that nice, but it’s not dirty either …

Unannounced photo. If anything else, the ear hook is itchy

When I write something like this, the problematic part of dermatitis is that I suspect I am not well maintained, so I am self-employed. You’re the one combing your hair. Because even if you notice it after more than a year and think “what if”, you can’t consult it or return it because it is out of warranty and there is no way to confirm the relevance. Everything I do is exactly suspicious.

When I first used it at last week’s meeting, I felt uncomfortable in my ears after putting it on for 30 minutes, so I got a little scared. It was not sold, “he said. But to be honest, I don’t want you to hear that anymore. Medical expenses in the United States are not at the level of $ 250.

I feel like my hands are exhausted …

More than 1,000 people voted “I have the same question” in the “Earring Questions” that stood in the Apple community in November 2019, and the number of comments exceeded 100 pages and is still increasing every day. The content is a damage report and the exchange of information on returned goods, exchange, replacement and recommended products of other companies.

It is not possible to disinfect as the official indicated, and some people disinfected too much and the coating was removed.

Some people have solved the problem by replacing the ears of other companies that have shape memory, but others have not.

You cannot put a tape on the ear hook that touches your skin and body.

Some people on YouTube said, “If you wear it upside down, the back of your ears won’t itch.” No … I’ll buy another one if I do …

Will he be returned?

I’m interested in the refund policy, but in the photo of the inflamed ear hook that was placed on Reddit a year ago, “I consulted with Apple, because the inflammation stopped inside and out within a month after removing one ear.” According to Mr. Apple Safeti, this seems to be a phenomenon you see often. There was a report on the docss26 case that says “I received a refund.” Another person said, “I’ve never heard of it, I use it. I was told to stop and buy AirPods Pro. “

docss26 advises: “If you call and send a lot of photos, you can send them to the security department”, but when I read the last post from the Apple community, even after sending them to the security department, “there was an inflammation. The area of ​​work seems to be significantly recessed by a series of unusual questions such as “How many credit cards are there?” I was thrilled with the contempt just by sending a deafening photo …! Japan may have different lots, but if you have similar symptoms, read Apple Community with automatic translation. Even after I stopped using it, it started to react to the conductivity of the bones and all the headphones, and it was said that the stage was difficult, so I shouldn’t do that.

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