Thursday , May 19 2022

Google publishes a summary of the end-to-end Hangout – CNET Japan


Google's video chat tool will end for some users in 2019.

"Google Hangouts" will officially end in October, and users will switch to "Hangouts Chat" and "Hangouts Meet" next-generation user-to-user communication tools for G-Suite collaboration. A blog on G Suite has been posted.

Google Hangouts

The Google Suite Assistant for G Suite will end in October
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Starting April 16, Hangouts chat will be available online or through smartphone apps in the G Suite, which uses traditional (classical) Hangouts. Users can disable traditional Hangouts at any stage before October. The Google Hangouts settings page in the admin console will be changed to Hangouts Meet. For blog posts, we recommend that you switch to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts from April to September.

In November 2018, Google reported that the Hangouts offer would be closed in 2020. In 2017, the company "developed" Hangouts and said it would focus on the Hangouts Chat, a messaging platform that is a compelling Hangouts Meet video conferencing tool and a collaboration platform at the "Slack" workplace.

I asked Google to comment on whether Google Hangouts will end up for all users in 2020, but I was not able to get an answer soon enough.

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