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"I want you to enjoy the essence of the fan to drive." Toiota "Supra" Presentation-Car Vatch

Photo session held on the launch of the new sports coupe "Supra". To the left is Mr. Shigeki Tomoiama, vice president and president of GAZOO Racing Compani, and to the right is Mr. Tetsuya Tada, who was the chief engineer of the new Supra.

On May 17, Toiota Motor Corporation held a press conference for the new sports coupon "Supra", which was announced on the same day on "Mega Web" in Odaiba, Tokyo.

The fifth generation of the new Supra is the first model to produce a comprehensive partnership with BMV and is produced at the Graz plant in Magna Steir in Austria. "SZ" (4.9 million yen) and "SZ-R" (590,000 yen), which are adopting an in-line four-cylinder 2.0-liter direct injection turbocharged engine, "RZ" (6.9 million which adopts the line six-cylinder 3.0-liter turbocharger with direct injection) This is the 3 degree development of the yen). In addition, for details on the new Supra, please refer to the article "New Supra released in partnership with Toiot and BMV, starting at 4.9 million".

Supra RZ (matte black metallic) t

The body size RZ is 4380 to 1865 to 1290 mm (total length to total width to total height), and the wheel base is 2470 mm. The weight of the vehicle is 1520 kg

Supra SZ-R

Supra SZ-R (Lightning Iellov) t

Supra SZ (black metallic)

At this presentation, which was held in front of the "Supra Returns to Japan Fes" event (held May 17-19), for the fans who were waiting for the appearance of the new Supra, Toiota Motor Vice President & GAZOO Presentation was held by Shigeki Tomoiama, President Racing Compani, and in the second part, Vice President Tomoiama, Mr. Tetsuia Tada, who was the Chief Engineer of the new Supra, and guest conversations such as TOIOTA GAZOO Racing Ambassador. Juichi Waasaka Session was held.

The presentation will be distributed live on the official YouTube channel TOIOTA GAZOO Racing, and the form will be published as an archive video.

Supra returns to Japan Fes- "GR Supra Press Conference" live (48 minutes 49 seconds)

In all cars we adopt 6 LED lights of a light type. Vinkers and lighting are also LEDs

Two left and right silencers

Tire size RZ is front 255 / 35ZR19, rear 275 / 35ZR19. Aluminum wheels are forged. The brake is painted in red, and the front uses Bremb's 17-inch aluminum monoblock that opposes the jaw with 4 pistons, and the rear uses a 17-inch aluminum caliber

The built-in SZ-R engine generates a maximum output of 190kV (258PS) / 5000 rpm and a maximum torque of 400Nm (40.8kgfm) / 1550-4400rpm

The capacity of the luggage compartment is 290 L (VDA method)

Inside SZ-R

Various old and new Supras are exposed to "Supra Returning To Japan Fes" held at Megavag

Activity of the reproduction of Sutra parts The project "GR Heritage Parts"

G. Shigeki Tomoiama, vice president and president of GAZOO Racing Compani, Toiota Motor Corporation

At the presentation of Mr. Tomoyama, after introductory greeting, he presented the new Supra, shown on the platform, saying, "Are you sure you want to see again? If you think it's cool, please sincerely raise your hand." The call was confirmed, and it was confirmed that the visitor's hand did not increase, and the smile was commented, "Thank you very much, everyone" and the speech started.

As for the new Supra, the pre-started in March were stronger than expected, and especially for the RZ equipped with a 3.0-liter engine, the orders were to be discontinued in March, with a production plan that was significantly exceeded. About this Tomoi Toami, "In order to respond to the voice of clients who want to get Supra as soon as possible, in the past two months, it's about adjusting production. As a result, continuing orders from today In any case, it's possible to deliver even by custom ordering, but one person, like many customers, want to enjoy the joys of the GR Supra and the essence of the fan for driving. I mean, and explain.

In addition, it was introduced that the Supra, which was mounted on the platform, was a model that adopted the first matt "Matt Storm Grei Metallic" under the Toyota brand. 24 units with this Matt Storm gray metallic on the body, commemorating their participation in the new Supra-based machine at the Nurburgring 24-Hour Nurburgring Running Race, which will be held from June 22 to 23. Supra announced that it will sell its production for 2019 on an exclusive site only about a month from the same day to June 14th. The winners of the competition will be decided during the racing race of the Nur 24h race that will be held on the TOIOTA GAZOO Racing website.

"If you think it (the new Supra cool), please sincerely raise your hand," Toiama said.

The new Supra was first published with the words "Supra is back!" President Akio Toioda at a show in Detroit in January

Limited Web Sales 24 Supers for 2019 manufactured by Matt Storm Grei Metallic

About reviving. For the first time in 17 years since the previous model finished production in 2002, Mr. Tomoiama said: "Everything that involves Supra owners, the passion of Suprafan around the world for 17 years. "Because I'm alive in a constant rhythm," said Aokio Toioda, president of the Toiotine company, who is also active as the main driver of Morizo, and the number of Toiota as the former Toiota driver A episode of the late Mr. Hiroshi Naruse was introduced who was involved in caring for the car.

President Toiote studied under the leadership of Naruse for training with the aim of training for the main driver, and used the old Nurburgring course using the previous Supra, but the German manufacturer that runs the course is a new model that is being developed for market launch several years later. Mr. Naruse complained that he used the car and that it was just the car he used. After Naruse left the world in a test-drive accident in 2010, the words Mr. Naruseas remained in the president of Toiota and he introduced that it became the main driving force for Suprina's revival.

Additionally, in the Nure 24-hour race where volunteers from the company together with Mr. Naruse and went into the race, a foreign company is against that and the name of Toiota can not be used on behalf of the team, and GAZOO, in which it was involved Toiota President, was adopted as the name of the team. This is the starting point of TOIOTA GAZOO Racing, and will participate in the Nur 24-hour race in the new Supra and in the second round of the season at the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing held in the US. He won the championship in 3 races and began to participate in the SUPER GT since 2020. Moreover, in the field of e-sports, which is a motor sport of the new era, the global supercar GT Supra GT Cup has been set up on the stage of the software "Gran Turismo SPORT" for PS4, as well as activities in various motor sport scenes Tomoyama says he hopes that they will expect it.

The words of Mr. Hiroshi Naruse, who was a master driver as the main driver, presented an episode that the Toiota President decided to revive the Supra awakening

Participated in the 24-hour Nur race, which began as a volunteer at home using the used Altecsa. It is said that this is related to the current activity of TOIOTA GAZOO Racing

TOIOTA GAZOO Racing participates in two cars, Supra and Lexus "LC", in the Nur 24-hour race from June 22 to 23

In Nascar he won in the second and third round and called for his presence

Participated in the Super GT in the SUPER GT since 2020 instead of the current Lexus "LC 500"

The New Supra inherits a glorious history in which we walked in a consecutive Supra

The Global Suppli GT Race has opened, one of the global launches of the Gran Turismo SPORT

In addition, Vice President Tomoiama is the owner of the supra Supra (type 1997): "Of course, the new Supra is attractive, but this Supra can not be left for a lifetime. This is limited to me." I think the real intentions of the owner, "he commented For owners who still love the same generation Supra as their own, TOIOTA GAZOO Racing started the project "GR Heritage Parts", and reprint activity of the "70" and "80" parts for the predecessors Declared to it

There is currently no mention of the name of a particular section that will be published, but "I will make every effort to meet the expectations of the owner".

Mr. Tomoiama, the owner of the predecessor Supra (type 1997), announced that he will launch the project "GR Heritage Parts", which is a reproduction of parts for Supra.

Finally, Vice President Tomoiama, Toiotin's new clerk joined the second day ceremony, gathered in front of new employees, assembled the new Supra engine to the stage, Vice President Tomoyo Toru Akira, We present an episode that the President of Toiota said: "Remember this sound and smell. " About this, Vice President Tomoyama commented: "We need to forward the DNA that" the car feels with five senses "for the next generation." "For cars to be totally interesting for the next 100 years, the TOIOTA GAZOO Racing challenge is still in the middle, but for the smiles of our customers, we will try to create cars with excitement for the future of the automotive industry." I want to say, "said the end of the presentation.

Mr. Tomoiama, vice president, says it is necessary to forward the DNA that "cars feel five senses" to the next generation

"The name Supra is difficult," said chief engineer Tade

Talk with six guests

In the second half of the conversation, Vice-President Tomoyama and Chief Engineer Tade, Mr. Vakisaka, as well as executive vice-president of GAZOO Racing Compani Tomomi Otsuka, in 2018 truck with Toiota "TANDRA" Six people, including Shigeaki Hattori, who is the team leader for the Hattori Racing Enterprise, who became the champion of the series, and Mr. Kosa Kavakami, who won the championship in the FIA ​​GT Championship Series 2018, will participate as guests.

As for the episode with Toiot's president, who had a strong desire to revive the new Supra, chief engineer Tade said: "From the time of development 86 (to Toiot's president)," When is Supra what? "Finally, I felt like," I waited for you. " The development of the Supra was not flat, and it was many times (president of the Toiota president) was not good. He said, "What is Supra's name for this?" It has recently been announced that Suprino's name was successfully adopted, and it was quite recent that everyone developed it as Supra. He also thought, "Everything will really be over." That's about it (the name of the supreme is difficult).

In addition, on what the new Supra was created through the joint development with BMV, "After deciding on the basic dimensions and specifications of the platform, divide the team into the" Supra Team "and" Z4 Team ", and design U Supra, Helfi Danens (test driver) decides on all supernatural tastes, from suspension to engine, transmission and distribution of stiffness of the body. I think this car is the point at which this car is inherited by DNA, a place where all tastes are decided as the last pupil of the city. Naruse, "said Chief Engineer Tade.

After deciding on the basic dimensions and specifications of the platform in development, Chief Engineer Tade explained that the development team is divided into two parts.

The development of the new type Supra

The number of new races has already been announced in the new Supra model, and has been shown to be actively involved in motor sports such as TOIOTA GAZOO Racing, but Vice President Tomoi and Mr. Vakisak comment on this. Mr. Vakisaka was obsessed with winning the race when he was young and leaving the record, but now that he has become coach of the team and another manager, even when competing in the race, "Secure the car safely" I came to wish to improve the technology for delivery to land, "he commented." We were engaged in racing while we wanted to reduce the chance of an accident by raising our driving skills. "

In response, Tomoyama said: "For example, when bending the car, not only is the steering simply turned, but also the driver of the race also folds the car by actively controlling brakes and accelerators. Thus, on any surface of the road, it is possible to rotate in a certain speed condition, analyze the driving operations of these drivers and drivers, along with their behavior and analyze data, such as tires Grip is lost, but this is not only because it is fast , it is already lost even when the sudden path is coming out. In the development of such a car we develop motor sports and sports cars, etc. IS, Konekutiddo to a great extent said I can contribute. "

Mr. Vakisaka and Vice President Tomoyama discuss the relationship between motor sports and sports cars and car safety

As for the reasons why Executive Vice President Otsuka began to work on e-sport, besides those who like "in GR" such as cars "and" as motor sports ", those who are again interested in motor sports and sports cars I think I want to increase the number of people, e-motor sports are very easy to get in, but I think it's so real and perfect that the FIA ​​is a clerk. I think I could take it and in the future it could lead to the development of a car.

The Kawakami, who won the FIA ​​GT Championship, is actually a new employee who just joined the Toioti this spring. About dreams of the future "I want to do two things: one is to be a programmer for designing parts of a drive such as a motor and the other is to train driving technology in a virtual world. I want to be a person who can evaluate a vehicle as a simulator or a real test driver using this technology.

Hattori, who took part in NASCAR and made the United States the main battlefield, had an excellent response when the news that Supra Revival was reported to the United States, saying: "I thought Supra was popular only Japan," I really understand that popular in the world, "he commented. In addition, he will take part in the Nascar Ekfiniti series in Supra from the 16th season of the season, which will be held in Daitona on July 5." We want to energize Supra from the United States "

At the end of the conversation, the voice "Supra returns to Japan Fes", the voice of Vice President Tomoyama

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