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Ioko Oginome performs in support of reconstruction of Saito Kazuioshia in live video Tamio Okuda for "Back dancers" | ORICON NEVS


The singer / composer Saiga Kazuioshi was the founder and "Western Japan Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction" Ski to Kazuioshi Saito with Friends "was held in Tokyo · Zepp DiverCiti on August 8. In Japan, Ioko Oginome appeared as a secret guest and presented" Dancing Hero "with Saito, Okida Tamioi, Teraoka Iuri, Hamasaki Takashi, IO-KING veteran musicians on the last dancer, and the audience was delighted It was.

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At the invitation of Sait, Okamura Iasuiuki, Okuda Tamioi, Chara, Teraoka Juri, Hamasaki Takashi, Fujivara Sakura, IO-KING, the secret guest gathered Oginome Ioko. Saito, who appeared at the opening, greeted a crowd of audience and explained the purpose of the event. "Many ways to donate money for support are being considered, thanks to the wonderful musicians they gave us," he said, "I am worried about the songs, but because there are progressors of today's event, there is a feeling of tension (lol)," he told shame.

IO-KING, who was called as the first guest, recited "Hey! All Energets?" Together with Saito who reappeared, he sang the miraculous world of Man Brothers. After that, Teraoka sang his song "Adult", and Saito first appeared and "gentleman's deal". Hamasaki sang a powerful song FLYING KIDS's "Luck", and sang "Orion Street" which was released in 2004 under the name Saito Kazuioshi and Hamasaki Takashi.

Although Okada appeared on the scene, he said that he had not yet decided what to sing, following "Mashimaro", sang "Saigo Eige ★ Rider" along with Saito to make the city feel excited. Here they joined the super band "Carling Shorts", which formed the frontman of all 50s and debuted on September 23, and Teruoka Shitoh, Okuda Shitoh, Saito Shitoh, Hamasaki Shitoh and King Shitone performed two songs "Surely Not Knowing Shiraz "and" What is Shiton ".

Fujivara, who appeared after that, carefully listens "500 miles", and the atmosphere of the city has completely changed. In addition, Saito and Duet covered Carroll King "You Have Friends". Saito said to the text "You have a friend" to "feel like he will lead for the purpose of the event," and he further thought that Fujivara's vocals also fit, I discovered the proposal.

Okamura joins Chara and Okamura's pop music Lemon bombone plays with three people, Chara's keyboard, and Saito collapsed with a rare drum called drums, butterfly butterfly Ai no Uta. Okamura and Chara had this first day with live performances, and they gave the audience valuable cooperation. Okamura, who remained on the scene as it was, discovered a special mix of funky guitar cuts, followed the bluesy guitar session with Saito, and fascinated him.

Saito, who appeared on the stage after the reception of the pearls, when he presented Oginome as a secret guest, the city grew. Oginoma wants to find out at the SNS that Saito showed the "Dancing Hero" on a national tour from March to September, realizing the "dream star". With the last dancers Okuda, Teraoka, Hamasaki, IO-KING, Saito, "Dancing Hero" was shown, and this was a great excitement.

Saito's "Valk home" is the place where Okuda, Oginome, Chara, Teraoka, Hamasaki, Fujivara, IO-KING come together. Only Saito played "The Star is Beautiful in the Sky," which is also part of the title of the event and ended the live event of all 21 songs for about 3 hours. Live revenues will be donated as auxiliary money for the reconstruction of the affected area of ​​Western Japan rain, and the content of the revenue and use of the support fund will be announced on the official website Saito Kazuioshi.

■ "Western Japanese horses support for the recovery of rain" ~ Star in the sky beautiful project ~ Kazuioshi Saito with friends "
01. Moonlight (Kazuioshi Saito)
02. Rabbit and turtle (Saito)
03. Hey, how are they all doing? (IO-KING)
04. The Wonderful World (IO-KING / Saito)
05. Adults (Teruoka)
06. Agreement between the gentleman (Teraoka / Saito)
07. Just be happy (Takashi Hamasaki)
08. Street Orion (Hamasaki / Saito)
09. Mashimaro (Okuda Tamioi)
10. Eige ★ Rider (Okuda / Saito)
11. Shibarashiri Shirazu (Okuda / Teraoka / Hamasaki / IO-KING / Saito)
12. What is Shiton (Okuda / Teraoka / Hamasaki / IO-KING / Saito)
13. 500 miles (Sakura Fujivara)
14. You have a friend (Fujivara / Saito)
15. Butterfly Svallovail ~ Ai no Uta ~ (Chara / Saito)
16. Lemon candy (Chara / Okamura / Saito)
17. Special Medley (Okamura)
18. Blues session (Okamura / Saito)
19. Dancing Hero (Oginome / Okuda / Teraoka / Hamasaki / IO-KING / Saito)
20. Let's go (Oginome / Okuda / Chara / Teraoka / Hamasaki / Fujivara / IO-KING / Saito)
21. The stars are beautiful in the sky (Saito)

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