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Is the new Mac mini above Mac Pro? For iPhone KSR, increase production. Latest Apple rumor summary – Engadget Japan version

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The news is that the Apple Maps, which in all aspects was said to be out of reach of Google Maps, was precisely the distribution of vegetation and the shape of the building, which represents an unprecedented vegetation growth.

Apple's map in 2012 was featured on iOS 6, and the topic was created in rare issues such as the "Pachinko Gundam Station". However, the maps are more convenient than entertainment. Although the domination of Google Maps is irreversible, it's been six years, an incredible leap.

There are currently minor problems such as the height of the building, and the coverage rate is only 3.1% in the case of land in the United States. Nevertheless, the map is a key element in automotive vehicles with the theory that Apple is the next product for the stars and it seems that improvements will continue to develop continuously in the future.

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Before the official launch of November 7th, Geekbench found the benchmark of the device called "Macmini 2018late (Macmini 8, 1)". Although configured as a configuration with Core and 7-32 GB memory as a CTO option instead of the minimum configuration, it attracted attention as one indication.

For some reason, there were two benchmarks, but in both cases the one-piece result was above the Mac Pro top model (launched in 2013).

In addition, compared to the 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018) equipped with Core and 9, the one-way result and multi-use result are almost identical to each other or slightly inferior. Benchmark results from users who have already acquired a new Mac mini have been reported, but the correctness of this report seems to be largely reserved.

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Standard 5G mobile communications of the next generation, such as a large volume of traffic greater than a few Gbps, a low delay of several ms levels, a super multi-link capable of simultaneous connection to numerous IoT devices … It's a rumor to test iPhone a prototype that suits this latest infrastructure.

Worldwide, the first 5G compatible smartphone appeared in 2019, and Japan is planning to launch commercial services in 2020. Apple's reason for not rushing is "Intel's 5G modem chip problem of heat dissipation" This is because it is very likely. Thermal modem radiation raises the temperature of the device and can shorten the life of the battery, this is a concealment theory.

Although we have adopted a new element as soon as possible, products that have experienced numerous problems are often seen in the history of smartphones. The technology that has been adopted for the iPhone, which can be said to be a global standard, can be called "maturity".

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IPhone KSR highly rated fully by adopting the equivalent A12 Bionic processor while being positioned cheaper than a high definition model. Shock struck rumors that Apple halted the production increase at IASKA that had great sales expectations.

On the other hand, Apple said it was hurrying to increase the production of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus last year. It is also said that the former iPhone that includes these items has increased to 25 million units from the initial 20 million units in the current quarter.

Now that the iPhone SE has disappeared from the line, now the iPhone 8 has become the biggest rival for the iPhone KSR, as it is the most compact and cheaper, and has become the "real iPhone SE".

Regardless, over time, the dynamics of "the size of the iPhone KSR will be user introduction", and the dynamics of the "technical outdated" iPhone 8 will work. Looking at the long run, it looks like the iPhone KSR gently spreads.

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<p>According to registration information, it is updated from the current Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 5.0. Although we can not hope to improve the sound quality, we can expect an extension of the receive range and improved battery life.</p>
<p>New AirPods that do not appear anywhere, while rumors suggest, such as the "Hei Siri" correspondence and a new type of waterproof version that follows, a new case that fits wireless charging. In October of this year, this caused the incompatibility in the European Apple Store (including real shops and online stores), is it a new look for the model? Sometimes the inventory was filled soon after it was touched, but Apple could be in the middle of determining when to put it.</p>
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It has been announced that the iPhone KSR Haptic Touch, which has not been used up to now, has been improved in iOS 12.1.1 Beta 2.

While the 3D Touch, like the iPhone KSS, reacts to the "push force", Haptic Touch is a function that restores vibration to "time to press and hold the screen". It's estimated that the popular KSR of the popular KSR has been adopted because it can save costs by omitting parts that feel pressure more than the first one.

In iOS 12.1.1 Beta, among the notes displayed on the lock screen, those who associate with rich content are displayed with a long press. A graphical display of the usage time of the screen can be opened immediately with a "long press of the notification".

Although the main hardware specifications, such as the A12 Bionic adoption, are considered to be equivalent to a higher model, while the iPhone KSR, whose screen resolution and support parts of characters are eliminated, in the future, such points will be compensated for by updating the software via iOS It will be demolished.

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Although the new MacBook Air includes a CTO option, the CPU is one of the dual-core dual core Core and 5 processors at 8 GHz, but is the result of the Core i7 version in Geekbench.

Slashleaks, known for smartphone and PC information, reported that a benchmark for an unpublished Mac product with a dual core Core i7 eight-clock with a 1.8 GHz base clock was found.

Since the number of logic boards and memory used are in line with the current new MacBook Air, I have speculated that "is not evidence that Apple is considering the new MacBook Air version of the Core i7?"

The single result is the same as Core and 5, but it has been confirmed that the multiple result has increased processing speed by about 8.5%. I would like to expect a surprise when the Core i7 version of the new MacBook Air will be added to Apple's official store without any prior notice.

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