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It is proposed that the interstellar heavenly body "Parrot Aur" may be an alien space ship using a solar core | Nico Nico News


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On October 19, 2017, Panstars near the Earth discovered 1 I / 2017 U1 (applicable article)

This celestial body, also called Parrot Amua, is the first interstellar celestial body in the history of astronomical observation, and the next observation observations revealed information on the size and shape and characteristics of both comets and asteroids, etc. Was.

It is also interesting to speculate that it is a spaceship that travels stars from its shape.

In a new study by Shmuel Biali and Abraham Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center, we go a step further and the parakeet Amua can be the solar core of origin outside the country, i.e. Solar cores Suggest.

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The suspicion of an alien probe on that interstellar celestial body in the shape of a cigar. Experts have launched an investigation.

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What we've discovered so far

When it was first discovered, it was at a distance of 0.25 AU from the sun (1AU is the distance between the Earth and the Sun) and already was already able to escape from the solar system.

At that time, it was confirmed that it appears to rotate at high velocity with high density (the possibility of making of stone and metal).

No sign of gas was detected as it passed near the Sun. On the other hand, a spectrum that indicates that it has more ice than previously thought was discovered.

After that, the last shot of the figure that began to deviate from the solar system was photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope, revealing that Parrot Amua is doing unexpected movements.

The analysis of the image showed that it accelerates, contrary to the anticipation that Parrot Amua will slow down.

The most likely reason is that the material is released from the surface of the sun's heat and pushed. This is the behavior of the comet.

ESOcast 167: VLT sees that "Oumuamua got an incentive

Solar core theory

But Mr. Biari and Mr. Rob are rejecting this explanation.

If "Aum Amua is a comet, why did not it release the gas at the time it was most close to the sun?"

Further, referring to another study, if gas release is the cause of acceleration, a sudden change in rotation should occur (which has not been noticed so far).

In their opinion, "Parrot Amua is actually a solar core, a space ship that generates radiation pressure," he says.

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Solar core (sunny morning) is a drive device that converts the thrust of a spacecraft reflecting light or ions emitted from stars such as the Sun, with a thin film mirror as a giant core.

This is what is being prepared for the breakthrough with the stars, which is about 4.37 light-years from the Sun's system to the Centaurus Alpha-Star headquarters that will send a spaceship.

According to Mr. Robe, in order to understand the acceleration observed from the sun's light, the thickness of the object is "extremely thin as a part of a millimeter and a size of 10 meters."

In this case, it is "easier than the surface and functions as a solar core". As far as its identity is concerned, both lines of natural objects (such as interstellar media and protoplanet discs) and artefacts (such as probes sent to the solar system) seem to be considered.

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Imaginary glimpse of the space flight of a solar core approaching Prokima b where life is expected

image credit: PHL @ UPR Arecibo

Assuming this, estimate the ratio of shape, thickness, mass / surface. Moreover, this subject was considered to be able to withstand the stress of the star universe, stretching caused by rotation and tidal force.

As a result, the Solar Sail has proved capable of withstanding a path that crosses the galaxy, as long as the solid is from 0.3 to 0.9 mm. There is a space that largely depends on the massive density of parakeet Amua, but if it is thick enough, it can withstand the collision of dust and gas filled in space, even centrifugal forces and tidal powers.

Origin of the parrots Amua and the possibility of spatial archeology

Mr Biari and Mr. Baby also advocates several hypotheses about what solar sailing ship coming from outside the country is doing in the solar system.

First of all, it is the possibility that it does not function, it only floats on the influence of gravity and radiation. In this theory, I can explain why radio waves are not detected in the breakdown / listening plan.

G. Robbie further described this idea in Scientific American and explained that "Parrot Amua can be the first case seen as an artificial relic in the Solar System of the Star Space universe."

Moreover, it seems that similar designs like IKAROS from Japan seem to be similar, and the incentive to capture the stars involved in them looked designed with human hands.

About this Mr. Robe argues that there is a possibility to become the basis of "a new boundary called spatial archeology".

If we can find evidence that there is such a "artificially produced universe," we will be able to correctly answer the question "Are we alone?" .

It will "have a dramatic impact on our culture and create a new universal view of the importance of human activity."

G. Flea says "Universe Todai" "Parrot Amua is a deviant technology and maybe it is an active device for exploring the solar system. In the same way as a star shooting technique, I hope to explore the Alpha Centauri."

What about the other spacecraft?

According to Mr. Robe, for an orbit of 0.25 AU from the sun that passes through Parrot Amua it has been said that it is a convenient way to cross the earth without excessive exposure to sunlight.

In addition, it is approaching at a distance of 0.15 AU from the ground. This can happen due to the modification of the desired trajectory to make it easier to fly.

In addition, there are opportunities to ship innumerable shipments, and one of them has come to examine the Earth.

The fact that Star Parro is difficult to detect when Parrot Amua was closest to the Earth also suggests the possibility of countless probes that have not yet been found elsewhere.

Recently, some astronomers have concluded that the solar system's ability to capture countless interstellar bodies such as Parrot Amua is rich.

This opens the door to the possibility that the case of interstellar solar nuclei will be proven (or rejected) by future discoveries.

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Imaginary picture of solar vessel IKAROS

image credit: Vikimedia Commons / Andrzej Mirecki

Removing the mystery of parakeet Amua will lead to space technology

Of course, neither Mr. Robe nor Biari are unaware that there are many things that are not known about the identity of Aum Amua.

Even though it is a natural rock, the mass / surface ratio is much smaller than the known comets and asteroids.

This fact and the fact that the pressure of radiation probably accelerated parakeet Amua is that it belongs to the new classification of thin interstellar matter that has not been discovered so far.

If so, new questions appear "a new question how and what (or who) causes such things."

It will be almost a year after leaving the range caught in the telescope, but Amua Auer will continue to be a major research subject for the coming years.

References: / scientificamerican / universetodai / written by hiroching / edited by parumo

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It is suggested that the interstellar Heavenly Body "Parrot Aur" may be an alien space ship using a solar core

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