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Korean brand of nail stickers with gel “ohora” An important anniversary only once a year. Published “My Birth Planet Collection” with the image of 12 samples of birth stars


[Гурга Јапан Цо., Лтд.]

From fingertips to space travel with horoscope nails! Enjoy the colors of the ocher and squash a little at your fingertips.

With the support of an innovative nature that combines the beauty of the finish, which is almost the same as the gel nail treatment, and the ease of switching on and off, the cumulative number of units sold exceeded one million in approximately 6 months since landing in full!

“Ohora” nail gel brand developed by Gurga Japan Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo / CEO Motoho Ianagi) will begin selling the second collection for the fall / winter 2021 “Mi Birth Planet Collection” on the Ohora EC website. .

My Birth Planet Collection
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“Ohora” is a high quality gel nail brand developed by the Ohori Nail Research Technical Laboratory (GLLUGA INC.) In South Korea in 2015. We develop products with the motto of solving the problems of modern people around the world who are busy, such as time, effort and price to go to a nail salon, and we create a world where everyone can enjoy high quality gel nails at the salon level.increase.
Full landing in Japan in March 2021 and launch of the official Japanese website in June. Supported by the innovative nature of the high design, the beauty of the finish that is almost the same as the gel nail treatment and the ease of switching on and off, the cumulative number of units sold exceeded one million in approximately 6 months since landing in full.

This time, as a new seasonal collection“My birth planet collection”He appeared.
Ohor’s collection “My Home Planet” is a design that imagines a view of the world of the planet, where you can feel the power of the universe, with a story motif and a picture of each planet that has been popular as a symbol of happiness for a long time.
Choose the planet of the star that suits you, not to mention the birth star, and invite positive energy.
Why not express your universe with your fingertips in the My Birth Planet collection, which has the mystery of a huge universe.

Collection My collection of birth planets 一 覧 >>
Designed with a picture of the world view of each constellation and planet.
On the anniversary once a year, you can choose it as a gift for yourself or on your favorite planet.
12 new types of “My Birth Planet Collection” will be released on October 12, 2021 (Tuesday).* Sales price (tax free)
My Birth Planet Collection
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N Bled Uranus
Dominant Star: Uranus (Aquarius)
Uranus Blue nail with the image of Uranus
Uranus with the name Uranus, the god of the sky in Greek mythology. In addition to the color reminiscent of a blue star wrapped in ice, small shiny parts represent a hidden satellite. A magnetic nail with a pattern drawn by a magnet and a cold blue gradation create a feeling of depth, and the universe expands in a small nail. , 880 1,880

N Coast of Neptune
Dominant Star: Neptune (Pisces)
Neptune marble nail with the image of Neptune
Neptune, the most distant part of the solar system, is a blue star named after Poseidon, the god of the sea. A set of soft marble nails that blend with ivory, grain nails with grain patterns and elegant nails in the shell, with a transparent blue color that is the image of that beautiful color as the leading role. Bright colors attract the eyes. ¥ 1,660

N Aurora Mars
Dominant Star: Mars (Aries)
Mars marble nail with the image of Mars
Design inspired by the passionate red star Mars. The highly saturated orange and pink marble pattern expresses the atmosphere surrounding Mars, accentuated by clear shimmering mini parts of aurora borealis. The beautiful but transparent finish makes your fingertips look light. , 880 1,880

N Baby Venus
Dominant Star: Venus (Taurus)
Venus combined nails inspired by Venus
A bright shining Venus named Venus, the goddess of beauty. The orange and blue colors represent the dawn sky with twinkling stars, and the lovely colored shell is inspired by a pattern on the surface of Venus. By combining nails of different colors and patterns, you can create a fun atmosphere from your fingers. It is also recommended for a relaxing holiday. ¥ 1,660

N Milky Mercury
Dominant star: Mercury (Gemini)
Mercury milky nail with the image of Mercury
Designed with the image of “water” that is felt from the word Mercury. Blue marble expresses the flow of pure water and resembles the Milky Way. Beautifully cut large stones shine on the nails. It impresses with its cool charm and goes well with the men’s style of the suit. , 880 1,880

N Silk Moon
Dominant Star: Moon (Cancer)
Moon monotonous nails with the image of the moon
The moon looks bright and dark depending on the sunlight. It is a design that shows the beauty of light and darkness in a monotonous color. The delicate and faint moonlight is at your fingertips and you can feel relaxed just by staring at it. It goes well not only with elegant monotonous fashion, but also with natural color and colorful fashion. It is a nail that expands the range of fashion. , 880 1,880

N Blaze Sun.
Dominant Star: Sun (Leo)
Sunny marble nail with the image of the sun
A design that expresses an energetic and powerful sun with fiery red marble. The temperature of the sun, which differs on the surface and in the center, is represented by three colors: red, orange and blue. With a transparent finish, it looks good in natural light. Definitely on the days when you want to be active outdoors! Bright colors will lift your mood. ¥ 1,660

N Deep Mercury
Dominant Star: Mercury (Virgo)
Life nails of muted colors that impress with sophistication
I imagined Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system. The main color is dark blue, which makes you feel a huge universe, and the crater of Mercury created by the influence of meteorites is expressed by the grainy nails of cereals. It goes well with denim and white shirts, and is finished in a clean style. ¥ 1,660

N Fall of Venus
Dominant star: Venus (Libra)
Venus Nail with the nickname “Heaven’s Lover”
Venus is the brightest star in the dawn and the dark sky. The image of Venus, which is said to be the star of love, harmony and beauty, is combined with various design elements, mostly orange, to add a sense of the autumn season. Facial expressions change depending on how the nails are arranged and you can like your personality. ¥ 1,660

N Frozen Pluto
Dominant Star: Pluto (Scorpio)
Pluto Nail that governs the beginning and end of everything
A nail that expresses the image of Pluto, a star consisting of rocks and ice, with a softened blue color and a shell. The name Pluto comes from Pluto, the god who rules the underworld. Two patterns of gradation of marble from fingers and roots were devised after Pluto is the god who controls the beginning and end of everything. ¥ 1,660

N Cereal Jupiter
Dominant Star: Jupiter (Sagittarius)
Jupiter Aurora Nail with the image of Jupiter
Blue spherical parts reminiscent of beautiful Jupiter. A shine like a piece of glass melts inside and shines brightly when it receives light. An image of the aurora by a vertical gradation that naturally connects from the navy to the reddish-brown color of Marsala can be seen on Jupiter. Revive the romantic mood. , 880 1,880

N Pearl Saturn
Dominant Star: Saturn (Capricorn)
Saturn’s pearl nails inspired by Saturn
It is a design that created the shape of Saturn with pearl parts and a gold ring. The combination of a calm brown and golden glow is fashionable in autumn and winter. An elegant and mature atmosphere is created, which is useful from everyday to magnificent scenes. It fits well on the skin and has the effect that the fingertips look nice and supple. , 880 1,880

My Birth Planet Collection
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Release Press Release
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・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
O ohori
ohora uses the new material “Semi-Cure Gel” that was originally developed. It is a gel nail that cures only about 60% of the actual 100% liquid gel nail, and this unique technology is patented in Japan, South Korea, China, the United States and Europe. This semi-hardening gel is soft and stretchy, which makes it easy to fit into any shape or size. (* A gel lamp is required for finishing) The three-layer structure of the base gel, color gel and top gel achieves more vivid colors and shine, and the full and voluminous feeling is unique to the gel.
By creating a new gel nail that keeps the quality and effort of the salon like a nail sticker called a semi-polymer gel, we have enabled us to enjoy the beauty of the finish inherent in a real gel, while maintaining ease of use …
In addition, it is also called the third nail because it has improved adhesion and water resistance compared to conventional nail seals.

Brand overview
Name ohora
Official site
SNS Instagram: hoohora_jp (
Twitter ohora_jp (
YouTube: ohora_jp (https: //
LINE: @ohora_jp (https: //
Distributor GLLUGA INC.

Contact customers
Contact the official Ohor store
Phone number 0120-774-160 (weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)

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