Tuesday , May 30 2023

Nikkei was convinced of little repulsion, with the support of the US stock price | Reuters


On November 16, the Nikkei 225 average was 21, 284 yen 90 yen, which was 1 280 yen more than the previous business day during the Tokyo Mercantile Market, and started with a slight rebound. Photo taken in November 2016 ahead of the price plan in Tokyo (2018 Reuters / Issei Kato)

Nikkei's average 225 average Nikkei 225 was 21, 284 yen 90 yen, which is 28 yen higher than the previous business day on the closed stock market, and started with a slight rejection. There were also scenes that later fell into the negative sphere, but reappeared as a plus zone to support the US market's appreciation the previous day. Mining, insurance, oil and coal are purchased by sectors. On the other hand, rubber products, electricity and gas, the sky of happiness and so on are weak.

From the market "Since we are unfavorable, in the meantime, we can not become bullish, because the settlement of domestic companies that came out are quite solid, we can not sell it even if it is sold, so if it's difficult to get a sense of direction until a US summit is being discussed, China There is also a voice that says "Is not there?" (Domestic Securities).

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