Sunday , April 11 2021

On the 8th day of Go 10th day, 3rd station Shibano 10th day “Concentrate in front of you”, Xu 8th day “Be careful about the distribution of time” – Sankei News

The third stop of the Go title for the match “Daiva House Cup 59. 10. Day 5th Match” (sponsored by Sankei Shimbun) will be held at “ANA Holiday in Resort Shinano Omachi Kuroion” in the city of Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, 8. .. In this series, where Hsu Chia-yuan (23), who aims for the first capture of 10 days, won first, Shibano Toramaru 10-day (21) = tron ​​= who aims for defense needs 3 minutes to consider in the second station. She won with 1 victory and 1 defeat victory with an early tie, leaving almost 1. It is important to decide which will be the first to win the 10th rank.

Shibano Judan also decided to accept the challenge of the 7th match of the Honinbo match, which starts in May, but he said, “First of all, I want to concentrate on one of the ten days ahead of me. “On the other hand, Xu Hachidan said, ‘I missed another station, so I want to be careful about the timing.’

This is the 27th event to be held in the city for the first time in two years. On the seventh, both players inspected the game hall at the hotel and prepared for battle.

The witness is Hiroshi Yamashiro on the 9th day. Time control is 3 hours. On the Sankey News website, the progress of the game recording will be broadcast from the beginning of 9.30 am on the 8th and a video of the game will be distributed.

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