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She has published a future roadmap based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B. E T. A. | Nico Nico news


【View large images】 Future road map based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B. E T.

Bethesda Game StudiosThanks for participating in "Fallout 76" B. E.T.A. On reddit, and publish items to be applied / corresponded before and after publication on the basis of the feedback received.

UltraBroad correspondence
This corresponds to the screen size 21: 9 after the release. Waiting capacity is higher than announced as soon as it becomes available
I understand that this is the source of many complaints and plans to increase the capacity in the future push to talk

PC versionWe are planning to install a push-to-talk specification of a voice call that is in the foreseeable future in the near future. It's a matter of default that I want to experience the real world and the living world Fantasy thing for the FOV slider

AnimationTo stop the punch and bring the pistol on the screen, the FOV slider is not even supported for previous work. Reduction is possible at point 3 in the current version of the computer. 1 Person's appearance is not planned Abuse of various mistakes
Many reports have been received and planned for future updates of Social Menu Issues such as inviting friends, creating teams
We are already working on the answer and we will respond as soon as possible when problems arise. Please tell us if you have found the Hungri gauge problem problem
No matter how much you eat, no matter what you get sick The problem is solved is a noisy gun, noisy
Noise and noise problems that happen accidentally will react quickly with an update soon on release

On lineThe exclusive "Fallout 76" is scheduled for PS4 / Ksbok One / PC on November 15, 2018. 【View other images】 Post your future road map based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B.E.T.A.

Publish a future travel card based on feedback from "Fallout 76" B. E.T.A.

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