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Subaru: the problem of completing the inspection, lasts until last month – 100,000 additional domestic revelations (correction) – Bloomberg


SUBARU (Subaru) announced that an additional 100,000 units will be remembered in Japan, as it has been shown that improper handling during the completion of the inspection in front of the car's delivery took place this year. That costs an additional 6.5 billion yen of additional costs.

Subaru completed the inspection problem in October last yearDiscoveri. According to research by external experts, an inadequate action has been taken by the end of December last year, and on October 11 this year, we were notified of the cancellation of the vehicle's target. According to Subaru's presentation materials of 5, as a result of a re-affirmation based on the subsequent inspection point by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the employee's statement differs from the time of external research, some are inadequate until around October this year It was discovered that the action was continued and decided to extend the withdrawal period.

President Tomomi Nakamura of SUBARU (Subaru)

Photographer: Akio Kon / Bloomberg

Target position models are nine models, including the "Impreza" and "86" delivered by Toioti. On 8 August, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport informs. Since November 2005, Subaru has made three recalls in connection with a series of inspection irregularities and said that by adding this amount would result in about 530,000 units. It is said that the problem did not happen in production after October 29, he says.

In addition, Subaru said that there was a problem with the valve on the engine parts, and when it was released in total 410,000 in Japan and abroadPresentation. There is a design error in the company's own horizontal opposite engine, and it has been said that there is a possibility that the valve blade will be damaged and that the engine will be stopped by applying more loads than expected. As for the recall, we set aside 55 billion yen for the fiscal year ending April to September.

Subaru announced that the operating profit for the current term (fiscal year at the end of March 2019) would be 42 billion yen, which is 42% less than the previous period, the same day. That is a reduction of 80 billion yen from the previous forecast. Not only do you remember, but also deteriorate sales composition including sounds abroad.

In response to quality problems, we reduced the total production target for the whole year by 2.4% compared to the previous forecast. It also reduced production in the United States by 1.1%. Shares of Subaru were closed on December 5th to 2895.5 yen, which is 5% less than the previous working day. The decline is 19% at the beginning of the year.

Subaru's President Tomomi Nakamura said: "I am deeply concerned about the continuity of repeated scandals, and I'm thinking about the fact that distortions and looseness were associated with rapid growth were different places." He said that the impact on domestic sales caused by a series of incorrect problems in the final inspection has dropped sensitively about 5% and said: "We are concerned that the impact will spread in the future, but we will make every effort to restore confidence" It was.

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