Tuesday , May 30 2023

100 billion von chicken wars & # 39; … BBK-bhc lawsuit before meals




It was confirmed that the chicken franchise BBK and BHC who ate equally in the past several times went to court for civil and criminal trials and invested another 100 billion won for damages.

According to the beekeeping industry, BBK has recently filed a lawsuit against BHC and Park Hiun Jong, claiming compensation of 100 billion won for the "violation of trade secrets" by the Central District Court in Seoul.

A BBK official said: "We believe that the BHC was spying on our information network and removing business secrets. We confirmed that a large amount of data was released as a result of server restoration to digital forensics."

He added: "The damage the company has suffered is 700 billion won, and the claim for damages for 100 billion won is first sought," he added.

For BBK it is claimed that the BHC has taken over a large amount of data, including sales data, accounting data and its own recipe.

BHK replied to this statement, saying: "It's worthless."

In addition, the grill has already sued former and current employees in the same case last July, but after several months of investigation, the BHC said they had not followed any accusations and confiscation of property.

BBK complained to the report on the criminal complaint.

The Bhd said: "The Prosecution has already concluded that the investigation resulted in no charges and confiscation of property." He said: "I do not even feel the need to answer false claims."

In the meantime, the bhc was bought by Genesis, who owns the BBK in 2004, but is selling in 2013. Two thirds of the chicken industry, which has been on board for almost 10 years, has filed civil and criminal charges in recent years.

In November last year, BBK sued Park for losing a bid for President Park Hiun-yong. In February of this year, BHC said: I put my claim into account.

Lee Ji-young reporter [email protected]

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