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30 customers in the apartment in Seoul

As the volume of housing transactions fell sharply this year, the share of buying apartments in Seoul in the 1930s was over 40. As the housing regulations for homeowners are improved, the 30s, which have many floors, have emerged as the leading force in the housing market.

According to data released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on January 19 that the sale of apartments in Seoul from April to April this year amounted to 7795, with 26.7 percent (2078 cases). The share of purchases in the 30s was 26.1% (2034 cases), which did not differ much from their 40s. When January statistics were first published in January, there was a gap of 28.4% in their 40s and 25.4% in their 30s. In the first and second quarters of this year, the share of purchases in the 30s (26.7%) was better than those in the forties (26.1%), since the number of purchases in the 30s in February and March surpassed the number of customers in the 1940s.

This differs from the fact that the share of the purchase of all houses in Seoul, including single, multi-family, multi-family and related flats, amounted to 22.0% in their 40s and 21.9% in their 50s. The share of 30 households buying in all Seoul homes is the third with a height of 18.1%. In addition to apartments, forty years with economic benefits and 50 years of preparation for retirement, there are also many family houses for multi-purpose, coalition, reconstruction and reconstruction purposes for rent. "As the number of cases increases, the share of purchases increases."

By regions, the percentage of purchases in the forties was high in the three districts of Gangnam. In Gangnam-gu, buying apartments accounted for 43.5% (173 cases) of the 40's in the current year. In areas where there are many new residential buildings in the Seoul city area, buying in the 1930s was the most active.

Choi Jin Seok reporter

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