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As basketball king James James … I want to be the Korean king for volleyball


OK, Ioshiba is running a savings bank

Cousin's cousin Joshana entered the ball at the Food Room in Iongin Citi OK, the federal bank on August 8th. Iong-in = Choi Hiuk-jung reporter [email protected]

He yelled at his mouth and turned his knees almost up to his chest. Put your left coat on your right hand and hit it. Iuba Bani Hernandez (27, Cuba), professional volleyball man of Switzerland this season, plays the LeBron James (34, US), American professional basketball player (NBA) every time she wakes up on the field. Joshua, who just loved the wells at the sixth age, uniquely identifies basketball player James as an exemplary model. "I want to be like NBA best player and James, who was in the first place for over 10 years," said Iosubani, who met on June 8 at the Iongin Sports Club.

Iosbani is not envious of the "king" (James' nickname) when he plays this season in his league. Iosbani, who was in the OK savings bank in uniforms in foreign trainers, ranked first in the first round (60.87% of success) and the second best (0.65 per set), and was selected for the MVP rounds. OK Stedionica, which remained at the bottom of the two consecutive seasons thanks to the left Iosubani, is at the top of the list. Ioburn and LeBron, "Jobron," they call it. Iosbani, who heard the nickname "Iobron" and laughed, said: "It's good that it can be intensive training."

In addition to the powerful attack attacks, the coat is also good. Kim Se-jin, director of the Federal Bank, says: "Among foreign players who came to Korea (Iosubani), I will be most beautiful and honest." Having experienced many leagues like the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia, he is aggressive in ordering his team members, rather than focusing on his own performance. "We emphasize to the team members that it is natural to work hard on winning." I would like to show my behavior as an act of personal reinforcement in order to improve my skills. "

Simone, 31, who was born in Cuba and who led the second consecutive loss of the OK savings bank in the 2014-2015 season. And the 2015-2016 season is also a great force for the Yosibans. Two players played together in the Cuban national team. Yosubani, who is in daily contact with Simon, said: "Simon is delighted with his fans because they have recently been refreshed." Speaks four languages, including English, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Recently he followed the words of his convenors, including "Thank You" and "Have Fun". Among Korean foods I like a pork stomach that serves with Ssamyang.

Joshua shows his sergeant, James LeBron James, who often plays in the field. Iong-in = Choi Hiuk-jung reporter [email protected]

Family love is also special. Iosbani, who lives with his wife and son in the company he provided, said: "This is the first time I've been in many overseas leagues, but I lived with my family. The moving power of my life is my family. my father did for me, I also want Lorenz to have a good son in his life. "

He also showed affection to another family team. "We are a team with six players already in the field," Iossbani said. I will be able to interrupt all other teams. "Iosubani answered the question," Are we all doing well? "It is also a lonely dream to get a good performance as a Cuban representative at the Olympics.

Iong-in = Kang Hong-gu reporter [email protected]

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