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I do not think that's a good idea.

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Sensei, President of the SNS, 10 kinds of illustrated books of fine arts covered with plants, insects, birds, fish, etc.
"Image and writing are very wonderful … a great job that nobody else did"

On June 19, President Mun Jae introduced to the SNS (social network service) 10 tonnes of the "Great Book on the details of the barley" and issued a recommendation.

"The farmer's philosopher Ioon Sung-bong sent 10 volumes of the" barley details book "published by the Borieong Publishing House and said:" I have made an illustration of the creatures living in our country in detail. It's very cool. "I was able to understand the reason for the ere when images of extremely high resolution were overwhelmed, but I see why." It's amazing to see that the actual color and accuracy are higher than those in the photos. He said.

President Mun Jae proposed the 19th, "The Big Mark of Barley." Moon President Facebook Capture

A collection of books consists of 10 books, including animals, seafood, birds, freshwater fish, plants, mushrooms, herbs, butterflies, insects and illustrations on wood. 1700 species and plants and animals with more than 3,000 points. The last book of trees and insects came out in January of this year. Ioon is a professor of philosophy at Chungbuk National University, who is also the head of the School for Alternative Community Education.

President Moon said: "It's a tremendous task that no one has done, and it's been a job that has been going on for many years, including many scientists, experts, painters, etc." It seems to be a natural doctor when he looks at all the qualities. He said. President Moon said: "I am concerned about whether it will sell well because it is a great artwork.

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