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Ioo Suk-ieol has threatened to issue 30 million KRV deposits – Korea Times

Entry 2019.05.16 19:53

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Ioo Tuber Kim, 49, who was arrested on suspicion of "threatening broadcasting" outside the Seoul Chief Prosecutor's Office, demanding the release of former President Park Geun-hie, was released on condition.

On the 16th afternoon, the Appeal of the Seoul Appeal Court in the central part of the city (Judge Lee Gvan-iong) opened a criminal record for Kim, who received the same charge (interference with public services). The Bureau is a procedure in which detainees are sought to determine whether the detention decision is reasonable. Apparently the judge estimated that it was not enough to investigate Kim.

Kim's attorney insisted that a criminal investigation was unnecessary, saying: "Given the violent cases of the CCTU, Mr Kim's behavior is nothing more than the level of verbal abuse, nothing less than that." The prosecutors denied that "violence was an excuse for the rally."

Kim was broadcasting real-time IouTube on March 24 last year, two days before Ian's request to suspend his brother's suspension, with two eggs in front of his house. He said: "I will hit the vehicle (Iun Ji-jeong), and show him I will kill him as a special suicide team." The prosecution suspects that Kim has broadcast threatening shows outside his home and offices, including Park Von soon, Mayor Seoul, and Voo Von-sik and democratic legislators. He was known as a conservative member of civil society.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Central Prosecutor's Office in Seoul (Shin Eung-suk Chief) arrested Kim on 9 September and asked for an arrest warrant. Song Chung-ho, chief of Seoul's central district court, said: "On May 11, Kim issued an arrest warrant, saying:" The danger is the danger of going to a residential agency and transmitting in real time via video. "

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