Monday , March 20 2023

Ioon Seok-ieol for the election of Lee Jae-miung "Stop Goebbels-style agitation"… Junpio Hong "a person going to jail" / ITN – ITN news


  1. Ioon Seok-ieol “Stop Goebbels-style agitation” for the Lee Jae-miung election … Hong Jun-pio “People go into custody” / ITNITN News
  2. Jae-miung Lee in the finals … Hong Jun -pio “Person who will go to prison, thank you” – Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  3. Jae-miung Lee, whose warning sound became louder in Daejang-dong, deleting the ‘uneasy candidate’ is the biggest challengeHankioreh
  4. “Thank you when Lee Jae-miung comes out” … Strengthening the offensive of the people’s power mover / ITNITN News
  5. Ioon Seok-ieol, “Expecting a friendly competition with Jae-miung Lee”… Hong Jun-pio “Person to go into custody”Dong-A Ilbo
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