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"It was an interracial affair …" Brooks leaves, blue


Call the USFK Commander
President Mesec Jae-in "Special Thanksgiving" Special greetings
When the Korean-American conflict, such as the North-South military agreement,

"(Vincent) I'm particularly grateful to Commander Brookes."

President Mesec Jae-in expressed his gratitude to the Commander of the Combined Forces Command and the United States Commander in Korea (60, Photo) at the main meeting of the USFK Commander in the main building of the Blue House on May 5th. Mr. Muna's call to the US ambassador to the United States and US Army chiefs is to return to Commander Bruce, the "chief" who leaves Korea on October 8 after the mandate.

President Moon expressed his regret by mentioning the achievement of Commander Bruce during the meeting. Cheong Va Dae also announced on the official Facebook page that the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the same day had published the question of "Joint Chief of Staff" in the spirit of "Dongja Defense (crossing the river in the same boat)", wrote General Brooks. In the subtle cacophony of the US-ROK relationship, he actually creates a sincere desire for Commander Bruce, who was "wow" for every decisive moment since the founding of the government.

President Moon said: "The purpose of today's meeting is to convey the gratefulness of the President and the Korean people to the dedication, hard work and deep-seated sympathy towards Korea by Commander Bruce," the ROK-US alliance has created a truly dramatic change in our Korean peninsula during the past year, said Mr. Brooks, commenting on the contribution of Commander Brookes. "Once again I thank Commander Bruce for helping to create an excellent alliance. I will. "

In fact, Blue House's assessment is that Commander Bruce has played a significant role in resolving the strident relationship with the Donald Trump government in connection with the US Defense Loan for America and inter-ministerial relations. Brooks explained to President Trump that he visited Korea in November last year, showing Korean "camp Humphreis" Gieonggi Pieongtaek, an American military base that cost 90% of its costs. He also insisted on the need for diplomatic and military support to the Winter Olympics in Pieongchangu, while also recommending Panmuny's first summit meeting in North America in his country.

In his letter to the Joint Chief of Staff, Brooks said: "The current military build-up in the Panmunyama declaration is underway with the support and consent of the United States and the support of the United Nations command measures." . Cheong Va Dae also expressed his unusual affection for the first time in the USFK Commander in Korea in September last year, when he awarded commanding officer Brooks State Medal of Honor. This is also the reason why the Blue House is grieved by the Brooks Presidency. His successor, Robert Abrams, is considered stubborn in North Korea. He also said at the US convention that "the US-ROC alliance is weakening its readiness to prepare for the North."
Commander Brooks said to Mes: "We conquer the mountain and the hill and we think we are at the top of the hill." But there are so many mountains in Korea. There are so many hills and challenges that we have to overcome. "

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