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"Jeju girl of death" mother's body, found at Jeju luci –


Entry 2018.11.07 19:58
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The body of a three-year-old girl (33) was found on the beach on Jeju Island.

On March 7, the Jeju Marine Police said: "I found my mother's body on Pier 7 in Jeju port at around 6:40 pm and confirmed the identity of the body by identifying the fingerprint of a finger. The seafarer plans to uncover the exact cause of his autopsy on May 8th.

A search for a body of 3 years has arrived on the coast of Avol-eup on the island of Jeju. / Provided by Jeju Marine Police Station

Jang's body was discovered by fishermen among the bow of the seventh quay in the port of Jeju. The place where the body was found is about 10 kilometers along the coast of Iongdam-dong, Jeju Alewuk-eup, where Daehan and her daughter left their last march on the last day. At that time, in the video of CCTV, Yang grabbed his daughter and went to the coast, but failed. At the time of discovery, the body was covered with long hair, a dark blue flower top and black pants such as CCTV images.

Earlier, daughter Yang, Yang-mo (3), was found dead at 6:36 pm on October 4 at the Seongnam-ri beach in Aie-eup, the city of Jeju. As a result of the first autopsy, the sign of Joian was a typical "drown". My mother, Yang, is missing six days, and the police and seafarers search 15 kilometers from Iongdam-dong, where the last act of mother and daughter was captured, to Avol-eupa, where the body of a daughter was found.

She left her house in Pieongju, the province of Genghis, and came to Jeju on the 31st of last month. I did not reserve a return ticket. Jean did not inform his parents to go to Jeju, and his father announced his disappearance on the last day.

The police confirmed that Yang bought light pistols, butane gas, burning tools, milk and dumplings from a shopping center near the hotel afternoon afternoon. I also found smoke traces in the bathroom at the hostel. It is possible that Yang may have made "extreme choices" with his daughter.

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