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Kim Jong-un, Kim Ki-jung, Macao opened the "gold" … The country is the second victory after the retirement


[서울=뉴스핌] Kim Tae-hoon, Internet reporter = Lee Jung-Dae and Kim Ki-jung won the second international competition after national retirement.

In the first round of the World Series Badminton (BVF) Vorld Tour Super Series Macao Open men's doubles held in Macao on January 4, Iong-Dae (Ionek) and Kim Ki-jung (Samsung Electro 21-13 21-19) and won the championship.

Iong Dae is a badminton star who won a gold medal at the double duplication ceremony with Lee Hio-jeong at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and did not miss number one in the world class men in doubles, breathing with different partners.

To the left, Shin Bieong-cheol, Ko Sung-Hiun, Iong Dae Kim, [사진= 요넥스]

Two players who sponsored a gold medal at Spanish masters in Barcelona after their first official retirement in September failed to advance to the semifinals last month in Korea Open. However, he came to the top of the tournament and showed luck.

– Kim Ki-jung Jo fought the attack of Ko Seong-hiun and Shin Baek-cheol. In the second set, however, the game dominated the drive and an active network game.

In the third set, he was taken 12th to 14th in the middle of the season, but he won the national team championship.

In the interview after the championship, Iongdae said: "In the final I met the same team in Korea." I knew that I would be a hard match because I know very well, "he said. I want to turn the ball (Kim) Ji-jung who has not missed and scored a goal. "

"I'm glad that I won the second time after the Spanish masters, and Kim and Jung and I got more confidence," he added.

The winner of the Macao Open Men's Singles won by Lee Young-Mil (Miliang Citi Hall), a national retiree.

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