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Man U, Juventus lost the first season … Exciting return win


Manchester United players are delighted on Tuesday at the Juventus Stadium in Turin, Group F in Group F, against Juventus. © AFP = News1

Manchester, England (Sports Network) – Manchester United in a friendly match beat Juventus 2-0. Juventus was first defeated this season.

United won the UEFA Champions League in Group H 2-1 in Juventus on Tuesday (August 8th) in Juventus in Turin.

United are in second place with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (7 points). Juventus was defeated this season for the first time, but managed to stay at the top with 3 wins and 1 draw (9 points).

Juventus had a foul from the start of the match. Juventus, who continued to score United goals in the lead, scored in the first half of the second half. Leonardo Bonucci made a long shot from the back and Ronaldo tried to strike a direct blow and shake the goal of United.

Ronaldo, who made his first goal in the Champions League this season, continued his lead in the 121st place in the Champions League. Lionel Messi (Barcelona ‧105) is the second in the list.

Manager Mourinha Mourinho scored a goal, and Marcus Lashford, Marouan Pelaini and Juan Mata were put in a row. These replacements were successful. Mata tried to shoot from the left leg 41 minutes before Juventus and returned the match to the starting point.

Manchester United, who increased the momentum, managed to retire after four minutes. In a free-kick situation, Ashlei Ioung sent the ball to Juventus, but both players fell and the ball hit Juventus defender Alec Sandro.

With Sandra's own goal, Manchester United's victory over the Bournemouth champions was an exciting series of two games.

Real Madrid Karim Benzema (left) scored the quarter-finals of Group F in the European Championships in the 2018-19 European Champions League Championships against Victoria Plzen at the Strunkjobsdi Stadium in Plzeň in the Czech Republic on Wednesday (August 8th). Congratulations to Gareth Bale. © AFP = News1

Real Madrid's defending champion beat Spanish Viktoria Plzen (Czech Republic) 5-0 in Plzenova Strønkova Sadstadion.

Real Madrid was 3-1 with 9 points, while Plzen was on the bottom with 1 draw and 3 losses (1 point).

In the first half, Real Madrid scored Benzema in 21 minutes, and Kasemir, Benzema and Gareth Bale scored in the first half 4-0 in the first half.

Benfica added two goals during the day to join Real Madrid in 201 round. Benzema is the seventh player who scored 200 goals in Real Madrid.

Toni Kroos of Real Madrid scored 22 minutes to achieve a great five-point win.

Manchester, England (Reuters) – Manchester United defeated Shahter Donetzc 6-0 at Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

Manchester United were 3-1 with a score of 9, while Shahtar remained fourth with 2 unresolved (2 points).

At the center of the victory Manchester City was the attacker Gabriel Jesus. Jessus scored the first goal in the 24th minute with lead and scored a fourth goal with a penalty in the 27th minute. In the second half of the second half, I added another goal and scored a hat-trick.

Manchester City scored six goals in a row in the second game of the league game against Southampton on May 5, scored goals by David Silva, Rahim Sterling and Riad Marez.

◆ 2018-19 UEFA Champions League 4th round

△ E
Bayern Munchen (Germany, 3 wins and 1 draw) 2-0 AEK Athens (Greece, 4 defeats)
Ajax (Netherlands ‧ 2 win) 1-1 Benfica (Portugal ‧ 1 win 1 2)

△ F
Manchester City (England ‧3-1) 6-0 Shahter Donetsk (Ukraine ‧ 2 2)
Hoffenheim (Germany, 3 draw and 1 draw) 2-2 Olympique Lyonnais (France, 1 win and 3 draw)

△ G
Real Madrid (Spain ‧ 3 wins and 1 defeats) 5-0 Victoria Plzen (Czech Republic, 1 draw, 3 defeats)
AS Roma (Italy ‧ 3 wins and 1 defeats) 2-1 CSKA Moscow (Russia ‧ 1 win 1 2)

△ H
Valencia (Spain, 1 win, 2 draw and 1 loss) 3-1 Young Boys (Switzerland, 1 draw, 3 loses)
Manchester United (England ‧ wins 1 draw, 1 loss) 2-1 Juventus (Italy ‧3-1)

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