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MK Nevs – Dotti, CEO … Vannabe Enterprises Elementary School


[매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김도형 기자] Popular creator Dottie presented the company he founded and operates through the 'Horizontal Channel'.

In the afternoon of the 15th edition, the first SBS program of the new entertainment program "Horch Channel" was released. It is regularly organized thanks to popularity in pilot broadcasting.

On the day of the show, Doti appeared as a host with the style of Gangodong, Iang and the victory.

Dottie is a popular creator with over 2.42 million subscribers to IouTube. He foresaw the role of a teacher who helped members to make films.

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Image description`Horizontal channel` Dotti introduced his company. Photo = SBS Horizontal channel & # 39; recording broadcasts

Kang Ho-dong told Dotti: "I heard that the operational S-Bok was chosen as the best company for elementary school students." The victory I have experienced in various jobs is "What is capital and sales? How many employees are? If you know that, that's roughly."

Dottie said: "I learned.

110 full-time workers, "he said. Kang Ho-dong immediately said," Teacher, "he laughed.

Dottie is a digital content company. Sam Dottie, including Sado, Jangpichi, Ladi Action. It is an agency of various creators including the total number of people. [email protected]

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