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NeoPect "To Become A Global Healthcare Company"


Representative of Neofekta. Photo = Iu Hiun-seok reporter

Representative of Neofekta. Photo = Iu Hiun-seok reporter

[아시아경제 유현석 기자] "NeoPect is currently in the second stage of growth, accelerating global expansion, and we have become a global number of healthcare companies entering the data business after listing on KOSDAK."

Representative Ban Ho-ioung, Neo-Focus, said in an interview for an IPO reporter that was held at Ieouido in Seoul on December 12th.

NeoPect is a medical equipment company founded in 2010. In particular, the only AI platform for rehabilitation in the world that combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been introduced. Rehabilitation hardware and software, AI remote rehabilitation platform, and rehabilitation services. Rafael Smart Glove, known as "MoonJin Glove", has provided smartline, smart client, smart keyboards and neighbors production lines. These products are combined with more than 50 software training games to help patients to be rehabilitated.

Here, "AI Remote Rehabilitation Monitoring Platform" maximizes product efficiency. "A patient can be dressed with toy therapy content without the help of a doctor or therapist, and the result is a personalized training program recommended by AI," said Ban Ho-Young. "Training results are stored on the cloud server. It also allows telemedicine to be delivered to doctors and therapists."

On this basis, NeoPect entered the US B2C (Corporate and Consumer Transaction) market. In particular, the number of users of neurofeedal home rehabilitation in the US has exceeded 700. As the US telemedicine market continues to expand with aging of the population and technology development, rehabilitation solutions have made it possible for American consumers to be more easily rehabilitated at home and meet doctors and therapists without time limits and space The company analyzed it.

On this basis, Neopect aims to accelerate the entry into the B2C market in line with the growth of the global home remediation market through the IPO. In addition, the company plans to expand its target market and strengthen its dominance in the market by providing technological advancement and product diversification to ensure the installation of rehabilitation equipment in the field of rehabilitation. "We have credibility to strengthen our global competitiveness of business through listing KOSDAK, which is recognized on the global market due to competitiveness that differs from its original technology," Ban said. "Through the IPO, (B2B), and accelerating the entry into the global B2C market and the gradual expansion of the scope of rehabilitation."

Neo-effect adds 1.8 million shares. The final price of the public offer will be confirmed through the demand forecast between the day and the 13th year. The planned price for the competition is between 10,000 ~ 12,500 volts, which is about 18 ~ 22.5 billion vans. It will be listed on the KOSDAK market at the end of this month after subscription to 19-20. Representative Director is Korea Investment & Securities.

Iu Hiun-seok reporter [email protected]

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